All Clear, Delayed Opening – July 23, 2024

All clear. Our investigation has been concluded and there is no threat to campus. The shelter-in-place has been lifted.

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Last Updated: 7/23/2024, 9:11 AM

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IGU Faculty Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The Institute for Global Understanding promotes cultural literacy and citizenship through academic and arts programs, interdisciplinary research and events, community partnerships, and service at the local and global levels. The IGU fulfills Monmouth University’s broad mission of engaging students, faculty, and staff in fostering diversity, equality, global understanding, leadership, and social justice.


Photo of Richard Veit

Richard Veit, Ph.D.

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs;

Office of the Provost

The Great Hall at Shadow Lawn, 211

Faculty Advisory Council

Photo of Melissa A . Alvare

Melissa A. Alvare, Ph.D.


Phone: 732-263-5304

Photo of Michael Cronin

Michael Cronin, Ph.D., LCSW

Associate Professor;
MSW Program Director;
Play Therapy Graduate Certificate Coordinator

Phone: 732-263-5683

Photo of Rekha Datta, Pd.D.

Rekha Datta, Ph.D.

Freed Endowed Chair in Social Sciences

Phone: 732-571-4438

Photo of Lisa Dinella

Lisa M. Dinella, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator of the Gender Development Laboratory;
Director of Program in Gender and Intersectionality Studies (PGIS)

Phone: 732-263-5295

Photo of Joanne Jodry

Joanne Jodry, Ed.D., D.M.H.

Associate Professor

Phone: 732-263-5115

Photo of Jiwon Kim, Ph.D.

Jiwon Kim, Ph.D.

Associate Professor;
Social Studies and Foundations of Education

Phone: 732-263-5632

Dr. Mihaela Moscaliuc, Associate Professor, English

Mihaela Moscaliuc, Ph.D.

Graduate Program Director;
Graduate Faculty

Phone: 732-571-3621

Richard Roberts, MBA, B.S.

Specialist Professor

Phone: 732-263-5488

Photo of Saliba G. Sarsar

Saliba Sarsar, Ph.D.


Phone: 732-571-4474

Jennifer Shamrock, Ph.D.


Phone: 732-263-5426

Photo of Professor Jing Zhou, MFA

Jing Zhou, MFA

Graphic and Interactive Design

Phone: 732-923-4762

Ex-Officio Members

Photo of Dr. Catherine Duckett

Catherine N. Duckett, Ph.D.

Associate Dean;
School of Science

Phone: 732-263-5887

Priscilla Gac-Artigas

Priscilla Gac-Artigas, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita;
World Languages Placement Coordinator;
Fulbright Scholar;
Full Member of the Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española (ANLE);
Correspondent Member of the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy)

Phone: 732-571-3406

Susan Gupta

Susan Forquer Gupta, Ph.D.

Associate Provost

Phone: 732-571-3639

A photo of Tony MacDonald

Tony MacDonald

Director Of The Urban Coast Institute

Phone: 732-263-5392

Photo of MyKellann L. Maloney

MyKellann Maloney

Director Of Global Education

Phone: 732-923-4770

IGU Graduate Assistants

Photo of Alessandra Conte

Alessandra Conte

Graduate Student

Master of Arts in Anthropology degree program

IGU Graduate Interns

Photo of Anna Gwiazda

Anna Gwiazda

Graduate Student

Master’s degree program in Social Work

IGU Undergraduate Interns

IGU Undergraduater Intern Grace Joyce

Spring 2022

Grace Joyce


B.A. History/Political Science with Minor in Legal Studies

Fall 2021

Kyra Velock


B.S. Health Promotion degree program

Photo of Kyra Velock