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University Leadership

Photo of Patrick F. Leahy

Patrick F. Leahy, Ed.D.


Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania;
MBA and MILR, Cornell University;
B.A., Georgetown University

President’s Office

President’s Cabinet

A photo of Mirta Barrea-Marlys

Mirta Barrea-Marlys, Ph.D.

Associate Professor;
World Languages Placement Coordinator;
Advisor/Coordinator Spanish/Education Programs;
Faculty of Record Global Education

Ph.D., Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Pennsylvania;
M.A., Romance Languages and Literatures, Villanova University;
B.A., Spanish/Secondary Education, Rutgers University

Photo of Edward W. Christensen

Ed Christensen

Vice President for Information Management

Ph.D., Rutgers University;
MBA, Rutgers University;
B.S., Southern Illinois University

Photo of William Craig

William Craig

Vice President for Finance

B.S., Seton Hall University

A head shot photo of Raj Devasagayam, he is infront of a white background while wearing a blue suit and tie.

Raj Devasagayam

Dean of the Leon Hess Business School

Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University;
MBA, Mumbai University;
B.A., Vikram University

David Golland

David Hamilton Golland

Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Photo of Annette Gough

Annette Gough

Executive Assistant To The President & Board Of Trustees

Photo of Christine J. Hatchard, Psy.D.

Christine J. Hatchard, Psy.D.

Department Chair;
Chair, Council of Chairs;
Associate Professor;
Director of Clinical Psychology Research Center

Photo of Amanda M. Klaus

Amanda Klaus

Vice President for University Advancement

Photo of Robin S. Mama, Ph.D., MSS, LSW

Robin S. Mama, Ph.D., MSS, LSW

Dean of the School of Social Work;

Ph.D., Social Work and Social Research, Bryn Mawr College;
Master of Social Service, Master of Law and Social Policy, Bryn Mawr College;
BSW, College Misericorida

Photo of Robert D. McCaig

Robert McCaig

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing

Ed.D., Temple University;
M.A., Arcadia University;
B.A., Penn State University

Photo of Nancy J. Mezey, Ph.D.

Nancy J. Mezey, Ph.D.

Dean of the Honors School;

Ph.D., Michigan State University

Photo of Emily B. Miller-Gonzalez

Emily Miller-Gonzalez

Chief of Staff

Photo of Mary Anne Nagy

Mary Anne Nagy

Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement

MBA, Monmouth University;
M.S.Ed., Monmouth College;
B.S., Springfield College

Photo of Tara A. Peters

Tara Peters

Associate Vice President

M.A., Monmouth University;
B.A., Monmouth College

Photo of Zaneta Rago

Zaneta Rago-Craft

Director, Intercultural Center and Advisor to the President on Diversity and Inclusion;

A head shot of Pamela Scott-Johnson, who is wearing glasses, has sholder length hair, and is also wearing a blue jacker with a gold necklace made up of various sized circles

Pamela Scott-Johnson

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ph.D., Princeton University;
M.A., Princeton University;
B.A., Spelman College

Photo of Kurt W. Wagner

Kurt Wagner

University Librarian

M.A. in Communication, William Paterson University;
M.A. in Library Science, University of Arizona;
B.A. in Anthropology, Fort Lewis College