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Clubs and Organizations

Connections to Move You Forward

At Monmouth, your opportunities to learn, grow, and lead are not limited to the classroom. There are athletics, fraternities, sororities, religious organizations, clubs, and multicultural activities where you can explore your interests with others.

Learn more about all the amazing clubs and organizations Monmouth has to offer including full descriptions and how to get in touch with organizers.

Student Club and Organization Handbook

To assist your student group with the policies and procedures of Monmouth University, we have put together the Student Club and Organization Handbook. We hope that you find this handbook helpful.

The staff has attempted to select the policies that most directly affect the student organizations; however, there may be times when your club could be affected by other campus policies. Please see the Student Handbook for more information.


The student organizations and clubs contained within this list are the only organizations and clubs with official recognition by the University. Any other organization or club not having University recognition is not one that is supported by the University. Any organization or club not having University recognition may not state or infer such recognition by the University or use the University’s name or resources.