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Photo of MyKellann L. Maloney

MyKellann Maloney

  • Director Of Global Education

Department: Global Education

Office: Rebecca Stafford Student Center CS5

Phone: 732-923-4770


MyKellann Maloney joined Monmouth University in 2017 and is the head of the Global Education Office. MyKellann’s expertise in building strategic partnerships with international institutions has created safe, transformative, and academically rigorous programs. These partnerships have impacted many initiatives including study abroad, faculty-led programs, student exchange programs, and internship opportunities. The foundation of her work with international students is steeped in a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and cultural awareness.

Prior to joining Monmouth University, MyKellann created major-specific graduate and undergraduate programming that sent over 40% of the student population abroad in her role as  Director of the Global Studies Program at St. John’s University. MyKellann also acted as the founding Director of NYU’s Graduate Program in Global Affairs, spending four years traveling with faculty to create their inaugural Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program.  At the start of her career, she impacted a wide range of audiences through education of the arts, history, and photojournalism at some of New York City’s most notable cultural institutions such as The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, The Freedom Forum/Newseum NY, The Bard Graduate Center, and The Morgan Library.

Throughout her career in international education, she has partnered and traveled with faculty and students to create programming in a diverse range of countries including Canada, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Ghana, Italy, Israel, Jordan, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Russia, and Vietnam. She has also spent several years living, working, and studying abroad. As a study abroad student in England, she interned with the Education Department at Tate Britain. While working in Florence, Italy, MyKellann studied Renaissance art, and while living in Paris, France, she created a thriving tour business for the Arts.  She spent significant time in the Southeast Anatolia Region of Turkey researching and evaluating early childhood and women’s educational programs for The Support for the Foundation of Women’s Work (part of KEDF), headquartered in Istanbul.

MyKellann is a member of Monmouth University’s Global Education Committee, an Ex-Officio Member of the Institute for Global Understanding, and a member of Monmouth University’s Crisis Management Team.