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Photo of Professor Jing Zhou, MFA

Jing Zhou, MFA


Departmental Career Advising Mentor

Art and Design
Rechnitz Hall 302
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Jing Zhou, MFA

Jing Zhou (周竞) teaches graphic design, web design and UI/UX, digital illustration, and typography. Professional work includes graphic and interactive design, social poster, video, packaging, digital print, art direction, and fine arts. Jing’s work experience consists of the entertainment industry, a packaging design corporation, and prestigious design studios in the U.S. and China. Her clients include international organizations such as Greenpeace. Jing’s award winning work has been widely shown and collected internationally including: Triennale Design Museum, Milan; British Computer Society, London; Asian Cultural Center, Manhattan; SIGGRAPH Art Gallery; ISEA; IEEE; CAA; Ars Electronica .ART Global Gallery; Les Abattoirs Museum, France; Peru Design Biennial; Royal Institution of Australia; Danish Poster Museum; Golden Turtle Festival, Russia; GAMeC Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, Italy; Athens Digital Art Festival, Greece; Taksim Republic Art Gallery, Istanbul; FILE, Sao Paulo; Korean Visual Information Design Assn.; Goethe Institute Alexandria, Egypt; Hungarian Electrographic Art Assn., Budapest; Yale University; Brown University; Aalto University Design Factory, Finland; Newark Museum of Art, New Jersey; public collection of the WRO Media Art Center, Poland; Waikato Museum, New Zealand; Moravian Gallery in Brno, Czech Republic; SDAI Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego; and Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco. Numerous books and magazines such as Computer Graphics World, NMEDIAC, Photo Techniques have published her work. Ms. Zhou received the Creative Work Award of the 2020 Design Incubation Communication Design Educators Awards, the UX Design Award of the 2021 Peru Design Biennial, and many awards in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.


MFA, Georgia Southern University

BFA, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China


Frequently Taught Classes

  • Computer Graphics Art and Design 2 (AR 273)
  • Digital Illustration (AR 273)
  • Graphic Design 2 (AR 270)
  • Graphic Design Studio III (AR 371)
  • Web Design Dynamic (AR 384)
  • Web Design Dynamic for Non-Bfa Candidates (AR 284)
  • Web Design I (AR 383)
  • Web Design Studio (AR 178)
  • Web Design/Interactive I (AR 383)
  • Web Design/Interactive II (AR 384)
  • Web Design: Static (AR 383)
  • Web Studio (AR 178)

Recently Taught Classes

2022 Spring

  • Web Design/Interactive I - AR 383
  • Web Design/Interactive I for Non-Bfa Candidates - AR 282
  • Web Design/Interactive II - AR 384
  • Web Studio - AR 178

2021 Fall

  • Digital Illustration - AR 273
  • Graphic Design Studio III - AR 371
  • Web Design/Interactive I - AR 383

2021 Spring

  • Digital Illustration - AR 273
  • Web Design/Interactive II - AR 384

2020 Spring

  • Digital Illustration - AR 273
  • Web Design/Interactive II - AR 384
  • Web Design/Interactive II for Non-Bfa Candidates - AR 284

2019 Fall

  • Digital Illustration - AR 273
  • Web Design/Interactive I - AR 383

2019 Spring

  • Digital Illustration - AR 273
  • Web Design/Interactive II - AR 384