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Payment Options

*** Effective March 22, 2022, a nonrefundable service fee will be assessed to all credit card payments remitted towards tuition, fees, room & board, and other charges posted onto students’ accounts.  The service fee will be 2.85% of the payment remitted or a minimum of $3.00.  Please note that this service fee is NOT collected by Monmouth University. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. *** 

Electronic Check Payments:  accepted online on the Student Bill & Payment Center.  No additional fees will be assessed.

Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted online on the Student Bill & Payment Center.   A nonrefundable PayPath Payment Service Fee of 2.85% ($3.00 minimum) will be added to your payment.

Check or Money Order: accepted in person, as above, or mailed with remittance form found on the semester e-bills uploaded to the Student Bill & Payment Center. The student’s ID number must be written on all checks and money orders.

Cash:  accepted in person at the Cashier’s Office located on the first floor of The Great Hall Annex

To process payment online by electronic check (ACH) or credit card (see credit card fees above):

  • Students can log into their MyMU portal and select “Student Bill & Payment Center.” If you have a balance due, a button will appear on the screen to allow you to make an online payment.
  • Designated Authorized Users can access TouchNet Solutions Payment Gateway. Be prepared to enter an Authorized User ID and password.

Payment Plans:

Monmouth University payment plans makes it easy to plan, budget and pay tuition payments on-time, interest free, and without any surprises. Students and authorized users can enroll in an available plan and make payments via direct debit from your bank account or by using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Your Payment Plan Options:

Enroll beginning September 30, 2022  and November 8, 2022 in one of 2 payment plans 23/Spring:

  • Estimated 6 Installment Plan *** enrollment begins September 30, 2022 through November 8, 2022
  • Estimated 5 Installment Plan *** enrollment begins September 30, 2022 through November 8, 2022
  • Term Balance 4 Installment Plan*** enrollment begins November 11, 2022

All payment plans have a $45.00 enrollment fee that is required to be paid at the time of enrollment.

Please access the Payment Plan FAQ for detailed information regarding these plans!

Third Party Billing:

Monmouth University will accept payment to your account from a “third party.” However, the student is ultimately responsible for payment of all tuition and fees not paid by the “third party.” Listed below are the choices and requirements for this form of billing/payment.

  • Department of Veteran Affairs: Chapter 31-Contact your VA office to speak with a counselor to set up this billing process.
  • Outside Companies: We accept vouchers and letters from employers. Payment would be due when the University bills the corporation. Students are required to submit this voucher or letter to the Office of the Bursar by the semester payment deadline.
  • Scholarships: The student should submit a copy of the voucher or letter from the sponsor of the scholarship to the Bursar’s Office. The original should be submitted to the financial aid office.

The following steps must be followed in order to properly process Tuition Remission (TR):

  1. For undergrads with 6+ credits, employee/dependent must have a FAFSA form filled out and submitted to the federal government for processing.
  2. All TR forms must have a signature from Human Resources and returned to the Bursar’s Office by payment deadline.
  3. Each area of this form must be completed in full in order to be processed

While we are working remotely, we recommend you forward any questions to You can also call the Monmouth University’s Bursar’s office at 732-571-3454