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Photo of Jiwon Kim, Ph.D.

Jiwon Kim, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Social Studies and Foundations of Education

Curriculum and Instruction
McAllan Hall 213

Jiwon Kim, Ph.D.

Jiwon Kim, Ph.D., is a graduate faculty and an associate professor of Social Studies and Foundations of Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Monmouth University. She is a program coordinator of Social Studies Education. She was also a founding director of Interdisciplinary Studies for Elementary Educators (ISEE) program. Kim received her Ph.D. in Cultural Foundations of Education from Purdue University in 2010. As one of the top doctoral students, she was the recipient of the Andrews Fellowship for 4 years and the Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship for 1 year by Purdue University. She was the editorial assistant for Education and Culture, the flagship journal of John Dewey Society (2005-2010). Her scholarly interests include social studies education, foundations of education (especially, John Dewey theory), and global education. Her articles have been published in leading peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Moral Education, Education and Culture, and Teacher Educator. Kim has various research and teaching experiences with diverse groups in South Korea and the United States. She is a former researcher at Korean governmental educational research institutes where she participated in developing educational policy and national curriculum of moral education. She was one of the Monmouth University’s faculty representatives to the United Nations DPI-NGO. She has served on multiple editorial boards, including Teaching Social Studies, a joint publication of the New York and New Jersey State Councils for the Social Studies Education.


Ph.D., Purdue University, Cultural Foundations of Education

M.A., Korea University (Seoul, Korea), Philosophy and History of Education

B.A., Korea University (Seoul, Korea), Education and Sociology

Research Interests

Research interests include social studies education and foundations of education with a specific focus on philosophy of education (comparative education and John Dewey’s theories of moral and aesthetic education).


Scholarly Articles

  • Kim, J. (2019). Dewey and teacher training. In M.A. Peters (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Teacher Education. Singapore: Springer. 
  • Kim, J. and Grabowski, C. (2019). Learning global citizenship through UN sustainable development goals. Teaching Social Studies, 19 (1), 31-41.
  • Kim, J., Wong, C., & Lee, Y. (2018). Transformative learning through online global class project in teacher education. The Teacher Educator, 53(2), 190-207.
  • Kim, J. & Riddle, M. (2017). “Taking ownership of their learning”: Three examples of performance-based social studies assessment. In M. Pearcy (Ed.), Best practices in social studies assessment (pp. 107-116). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
  • Lee, Y. Kim, J., & Wong, C . (2017). Developing pre-service teachers’ understanding of good teaching: A global collaborative project using online discussion. International Journal for Educational Media and Technology, 11 (1), 68-75.
  • Kim, J . (2016). “Living drawing”: Aesthetic teaching for moral artists. Journal of Moral Education, 45(4), 465-480.

Presentations/Invited Talks

  • Kim, J. & Grabowski. C. (2018, November). Young Learners Learn about Sustainability and Take Action! National Council for Social Studies Annual Conference, Chicago. IL.
  • Grabowski, C. Kim, J. & Signorile, V. (2018, October). Creating Interdisciplinary Units to Incorporate Social Studies into STEAM, New Jersey Council for Social Studies Annual Conference, Rutgers University, NJ.
  • Kim, J. & Grabowski, C. (2018, April). Global Citizenship Education: A Case of Lesson about United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Elementary Classroom. Korean-American Educational Research Association 2018 annual meeting, New York City, NY.
  • Bazler, J., Kim, J., Romagnoli, A. (2018, March). The Design and Implementation of a Methods Course Linked to a Year-Long Clinical Practice. American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Baltimore, MD.
  • Wong, C., Kim, J. & Lee, Y. (2017, July). The effects of developing teacher candidates global understanding through a global class project in a teacher education program. Learner: 24th International Conference on Learning, Honolulu, HI.
  • Kim, J., Wong, C., & Lee, Y. (2017, April). Transformative learning in teacher education: Development of global understanding through a global class project using technology. Korean-American Educational Research Association 2017 annual meeting, San Antonio, TX.
  • Kim, J. (Accepted 2017). Rethinking John Dewey’s creative democracy for intercultural communication in higher education class. Annual John Dewey Society Symposium, San Antonio, TX.


Frequently Taught Classes

  • Foundations of Education (ED 510)
  • Foundations of Teaching and Learning (ED 250)
  • Integrative Seminar for Elementary Education (IS 410)
  • Psychological and Philosophical Foundations of Education (ED 250)
  • Psychological and Philosophical Foundations of Teaching (ED 510)
  • Teaching Elementary Social Studies (ED 362)
  • Teaching Social Studies at the Elementary Level (ED 576)