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Health and Physical Education

HPE Faculty and Staff


Photo of Chris A. Hirschler, Ph.D., MCHES

Chris A. Hirschler, Ph.D., MCHES

Department Chair
Associate Professor
Service Learning Faculty Fellow

Main Office: 230 McAllan Hall
Phone: 732-263-5824


Photo of Greg C. Lonning, Ph.D.

Greg C. Lonning, Ph.D.

Program Advisor

Full-time Faculty

Photo of Staci R Drewson

Staci R. Drewson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
First Year Advisor/Athletics Professor-in-Residence
Service Learning Faculty Fellow – Cohort 1

Photo of Andrea Hope

Andrea Hope, Ed.D.

Associate Professor

Photo of Jeremy Lackman

Jeremy S. Lackman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Photo of Jaime L. Myers, Ph.D., MPH

Jaime L. Myers, Ph.D., MPH

Associate Professor

Photo of Julie Schaaff

Julie C. Schaaff, M.S.

Department Advising Coordinator
First Year Advisor - Center for Student Success

Photo of Chuck Whedon

Chuck I. Whedon

Specialist Professor

Part-time Faculty

Photo of Nicole Alsobrooks

Nicole J. Alsobrooks

Assistant Swimming Coach And Director Of Aquatics
Adjunct Professor

Photo of Jennifer Gottshall, MPH

Jennifer Gottshall, MPH

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Siobhan A. Huggins-Sullivan, M.S., ATC

Siobhan A. Huggins-Sullivan, M.S., ATC

Adjunct Professor
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Photo of Mark Levand

Mark A. Levand

Adjunct Professor

Kristina M. Maitner

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Neha Reyes, M.S.

Neha Reyes, M.S.

Adjunct Professor