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Department of Health and Physical Education


Monmouth University’s health programs provide an interdisciplinary approach to information about health. 

About the Department

Health Studies majors can focus on Health Science, Exercise Science, Public Health, Fitness and Wellness, or teaching (with a K-12 endorsement). These degree programs give students a versatile education with hands-on experience and career preparation. Adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and the active, health-conscious metropolitan areas of New York and Philadelphia, Monmouth provides an ideal location to study individual and community health and fitness.

Health Studies

With clusters in Health Science or Exercise Science.

The Health Studies program offers two clusters to prepare students for multiple allied health graduate programs specifically, physical therapy, physician’s assistant, medical school, occupational therapy, athletic training, accelerated nursing, and speech language pathology by combining a rigorous foundation of sciences with credit space flexibility to complete graduate program prerequisites in 4 years.

A person doing arm exercises with a pair of dumbbells
A child sits on a mat waiting to catch a ball

Health Promotion

With clusters in Fitness and Wellness or Public Health.

The Health Promotion program offers two clusters that train students to be change agents that improve quality of life in the community via policy change, enhanced access to community programs in addition to the creation and implementation of wellness programs that increase physical activity habits and shape healthy lifestyle choices.

Health/Physical Education/Education (K–12 endorsement)

Health and Physical Education Teacher Education program develops future teachers that value physical health and emotional well-being of community members by increasing feelings of competence and confidence to be physically active across the lifespan in a variety of settings.

*The health and physical education baccalaureate dual major K-12 education endorsement offers core health studies and physical education aligned with both the State of New Jersey certification requirements and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

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Health Studies

This minor is available to Monmouth University undergraduate students who wish to enhance their knowledge about health and health-related issues for personal development or to complement their major area of study.

Bachelor’s + Master’s Programs

Health Studies with Occupational Therapy, OTD (3+3)

Health Studies with Physician’s Assistant, MS (3+ 3)

Careers in Health & Physical Education

Monmouth health program graduates will be prepared to serve as leaders in fields that integrate health, wellness, and education; working with individuals, groups, and families in healthcare organizations and services, corporate health programs, education and at the local, state, federal or international level.

Career paths include working in healthcare agencies, managing sports or wellness centers, working in community health departments, teaching, and working in global nonprofit agencies or other public and private healthcare sectors.

Students can further their education by pursuing graduate degrees in areas such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, health and physical education, healthcare administration, public health and many others. Students intending to pursue careers as physicians or other healthcare professionals are encourage to explore the mentorship available through Pre-Health Advising

Health and Physical Education