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Photo of Mark Levand

Mark Levand

  • Adjunct Professor

Department: Health and Physical Education, Nursing

Office: Robert E. McAllan Hall

Phone: 732-263-5824


Mark is a sexuality educator and trainer based out of Philadelphia. Formally trained in both human sexuality and Catholic theology, Mark’s passion for the field of sexuality stems from the belief that sexuality is an integral part of the human experience and that all people deserve a safe place for discussions about sexual issues. Within this, his main areas of interest include: sexual health, ethics, and diversity, cross-cultural sexuality, and the intersection of sexuality and faith.

Photo of Mark Levand giving presentation

As a part of his work, Mark teaches human sexuality courses at various institutions and conducts professional training to increase sensitivity towards sexual differences, self-reflective sexuality, and faith and religion within sexuality. In 2016, Mark received the AASECT Schiller Prize for his co-presentation of Cross-Cultural Code-Switching in Sexuality: Adaptation for Inclusivity.

Mark holds Masters degrees in Theology and Religious Studies (John Carroll University, 2011) and Human Sexuality (Widener University, 2014). He obtained his Ph.D. in Human Sexuality Studies at the Center for Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University while writing his dissertation on the experience of change around issues of human sexuality at Catholic colleges and universities.


Ph.D., Human Sexuality Studies, Widener University

MEd, Human Sexuality Education, Widener University

M.A., Theology and Religious Studies, John Carroll University

B.A., Theology, Notre Dame College

Scholarly Articles

Levand, M.A., & Canan, S.N. (2018). Navigating sexualization as a sexuality professional: Recommendations from sexuality educators at the 2016 national sex ed conference. American Journal of Sexuality Education, 13(1), 94-107. doi: 10.1080/15546128.2018.1433566

Canan, S.N., & Levand, M.A. (Accepted). A feminist perspective of sexual assault. In W. O’Donohue, C. Cummings & P. Schewe (Eds.), Handbook of sexual assault and sexual assault prevention: Springer.

Levand, M.A., Chando, S.C., Wolfe, M., Pillai-Friedman, S., & Love, E. (In Press). The light in the shadows: Therapeutic explorations of fantasy and fear. Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy.

Green, E.R., & Levand, M. (2017). Transphobia. In K. L. Nadal (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of psychology and gender (pp. 1732-1736). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

Levand, M., & Zapien, N. (in press). Sexual consent as transcendence: A phenomenological understanding. International Journal of Transpersonal Studies.

Levand, M. (2017). A review of the teaching transgender toolkit: A facilitator’s guide to increasing knowledge, decreasing prejudice & building skills. American Journal of Sexuality Education, 12(2), 195-199.


Levand, M. (2017). [Blog] The diversity of white supremacy by Mark Levand, M.A., MEd. Widener Diversity Blog.

Levand, M. (2012). [Blog]. Sexual education: The limits of conscience formation by Mark Levand. Feminism And Religion.

Presentations/Invited Talks

Conference Presentations

Levand, M., Rashatwar, S., & Swinney, L. (2017). With white privilege comes great responsibility: Using privilege to promote racial justice in sex ed. 49th Annual AASECT Conference. Las Vegas, NV.

Levand, M., & Canan, S. N. (2016). The Sexualization of Sexuality Professionals: Creating a Resource Guide for Sexuality Professionals. National SexEd Conference. Atlantic City, NJ.

Dale, B., & Levand, M. (2016). A Sexologist, a Theologian, and Sexual Orientation. National SexEd Conference. Atlantic City, NJ.

Levand, M. (2016). Consent as Cross-cultural Communication: Navigating Consent in a Multicultural World. Paper presented at the AskFirst Symposium. University of Calgary: Alberta, Canada

Olvera, L., & Levand, M. (2016). Cross-cultural Code-switching in Sexuality: Adaptation for Inclusivity. 48th Annual AASECT Conference. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Levand, M. (2016). Effecting Change Around Sexuality in Catholic Higher Education. Poster presented at the Graduate Student Research Symposium. Widener University: Chester, PA

Levand, M., & Shepard, K. (2015). Research at Widener University. Intercollegiate Meeting. The University of Tokyo: Tokyo, Japan

Levand, M. (2015). Changemaking in Communities of Faith. Careers in Sexuality Conference. Chester, PA.

Levand, M., & Chando, S. C. (2015). Kink-positive, Patient-centered Care for Healthcare Professionals. 47th Annual AASECT Conference. Minneapolis, MN

Levand, M. (2014). Sexual Disposition Spectrum: How Attracted Are You? Graduate Student Research Symposium. Widener University: Chester, PA

Freyhauf, M.S., Levand, M., Ludwa, B., & Witker, K. (2011). Female Messiah. Paper presented at the Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society 41st Annual Meeting. Richfield, OH

Invited Talks and Guest Lectures:

2018 – Religion and Health Behavior. Kean University: Toms River, NJ

2017 – The Experience of Consenting. Kean University: Toms River, NJ

2017 – Transgender Identities in (Catholic) Higher Education. Misericordia University: Dallas, PA (Co-Facilitator)

2016 – Sexuality, Gender, and Health. Montgomery County Community College: Pottstown, PA

2016 – Sex and Religion. Montgomery County Community College: Bluebell, PA

2016 – Paraphilias. Einstein Medical Center: Philadelphia, PA

2016 – “Adam and Steve” – A Look at Homosexuality in Christian Scripture. Widener University: Chester, PA

2015 – Religious Sensitivity in Therapeutic Settings. LaSalle University: Philadelphia, PA

2014 – Intercultural Theology. Alvernia University (Philadelphia Center): Philadelphia, PA

Professional Associations

American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS)

The Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians (ABSC)

Campus Advocacy and Prevention Professionals Association (CAPPA)

American Academy of Religion (AAR)

Association of Practical Theology


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