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Honors School

Honors School

About the School

Please read a message from Dean Nancy Mezey to our students and alumni about the recent events in Washington, DC.

Students in the Honors School are part of a community of leaders and thinkers, where discussion and dialogue naturally occur within the classroom but also continue through extracurricular activities and off-campus events. These unique learning experiences highlight the many benefits of Honors School study.

Through the hard work and dedication of its community members, the school continues its mission to help students deepen their level of knowledge and global awareness. Students that complete the program are noted as graduates of the Honors School on their transcripts and diplomas, enhancing opportunities for graduate study and career placement.


Pooja Shah ‘19

Honors School
Biology with a Concentration in Molecular Cell Physiology

I joined the Honors School to challenge myself and make myself more competitive academically. I also joined because I wanted to be part of this wonderful community, especially while transitioning from high school to college, and the Honors School made me feel extremely welcomed.

Honors School – Quick Facts

Honors classes are smaller than regular classes, allowing for enhanced teacher/student rapport.

Fifty percent of honors students go on to complete advanced degrees.

Additional scholarship opportunities are available during junior and senior years.

Seventeen annual cultural events are subsidized by the Honors School.

Students completing the program are noted as graduates of the Honors School on their transcripts and diplomas, enhancing opportunities for graduate study at leading universities and solid career placement.

Why join the Honors School?

Rachel Belmont ‘19

Honors School
Health Studies

The Honors School helped me push myself throughout my undergraduate career to achieve my potential, especially by completing my own year-long thesis project.

Contact Information
Dr. Nancy J. Mezey

Dean of the Honors School

Library 208


Ms. Doris Meyer

Assistant to the Dean

Library 208


Ms. Deanna Venezio

Honors School Advisor

Library 208


Honors Thesis Advisors
Dr. Frederick L. McKitrick

Dept. of History and Anthropology
Howard Hall 319
Assistant Dean Janeth Merkle

Leon Hess Business School
Bey Hall 214
Associate Dean Gilda Agacer

Leon Hess Business School
Bey Hall 213
Dr. Janet Mahoney

Department of Nursing
McAllan Hall 333
Assistant Dean John Tiedemann

School of Science
Edison Science E-282D
Dr. Kevin Dooley

Dept. of Political Science and Sociology
Bey Hall 244
Dr. Sanjana Ragudaran

School of Social Work
McAllan Hall 13