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Headshot of Dr. Marina Vujnovic

Marina Vujnovic, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Concentration Director of Strategic Public Relations and Social Media Concentration

Plangere Center 224

Marina Vujnovic, Ph.D.

Dr. Marina Vujnovic is an Associate Professor of
Journalism in the Department of Communication at Monmouth University. Native of
Croatia, Dr. Marina Vujnovic, came to United States in 2003 to pursue her
graduate education in journalism and mass communication. Before coming to
United States she worked as a journalist before becoming a research assistant
at the University of Zagreb. She also worked as a PR practitioner for Cyprian
based PR agency Action Global Communications. She received her MA in
Communication from the University of Northern Iowa, and her PhD at the
University of Iowa in 2008. She is an author of Forging the Bubikopf Nation: Journalism, Gender and Modernity in
Interwar Yugoslavia
, co-author of Participatory
Journalism: Guarding Open Gates at Online Newspapers
, and co-editor of Globalizing Cultures:
Theories, Paradigms, Actions. 


Ph. D. in Communication, University of Iowa

M.A. in Communication, University of Northern Iowa

Research Interests

international communication and global flow of information, journalism studies; intersections of public relations and journalism, and explorations of the historical, political-economic and cultural impact on media, class, gender, and ethnicity



Vujnovic, M. & Kruckeberg, D. (2020). Global Advertising and Public Relations. In Y. R. Kamalipour (Ed.), Global Communication: A Multicultural Perspective, 3rd edition. The Rowan and Littlefield.

Vujnovic, M., & Kruckeberg, D.  (2019).  Digital Media, Journalism, PR and Grassroots Power: Theoretical Perspectives. In A. Adi (Ed.), Protest public relations: Communicating dissent and activism.  New York, NY:  Routledge.  

Vujnovic, M.,
& Kruckeberg, D.  (2017).  In the Bind between Theory and Practice:
Public Relations and Ethics of Neoliberal Global Capitalism.  In B. R. Brunner (Ed.), The moral compass of public relations.  New York, NY: 

Scholarly Articles

Vujnovic, M. &
Kruckeberg, D. (2016). Pitfalls and promises of transparency in the digital
age. Public Relations Inquiry, 5(2),

Additional Information

Listen to Professor Vujnovic’s episode of the Department of Communication’s Professor Profiles Podcast:


Frequently Taught Classes

  • Co-Curricular Practicum in Journalism (CO 264)
  • Communication Comprehensive Exam (CO CPE)
  • First Year Seminar (FY 101)
  • Global Communication (CO 250, CO 510)
  • Global Communication and Public Relations (CO 510)
  • Introduction to Journalism (CO 211)
  • Online Journalism (CO 333)
  • Research Methods for Professional Life (CO 502)
  • Research Methods in Communication and Mass Media (CO 502)

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