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Photo of Meg Forney

Meg E. Forney, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Criminal Justice

Meg E. Forney, Ph.D.

Dr. Forney received her BA in Psychology and PhD in Criminal Justice from Temple University. Prior to joining the faculty at Monmouth, she worked as a Research and Reform Specialist at the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission. There, she collected, analyzed, and prepared reports of county and state juvenile justice data, made recommendations regarding reform strategies, and trained/educated court staff, law enforcement, and community stakeholders in best practices of juvenile justice reform.


Ph.D., Temple University

M.A., Stockton University

B.A., Temple University

Research Interests

Juvenile delinquency, juvenile justice policy, developmental life-course theories, and the school-to-prison pipeline


Scholarly Articles

Ward, J. T., Forney, M. (2020). Unpacking within- and between-person effects of unstructured socializing and differential association on solo- and co-offending. Journal of Criminal Justice, 70.

Roman, C. G., Forney, M., Hyatt, J. M., Klein, H. J., & Link, N. W. (2019). Law enforcement activities of Philadelphia’s group violence intervention: An examination of arrest, case processing, and probation levers. Policing Quarterly, 23(2), 232-261.

Forney, M., & Ward, J. T. (2019). Identity, peer resistance, and antisocial influence: Modeling direct and indirect causes of desistance. Journal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology, 5, 107-135.

Roman, C. G., Link, N. W., Hyatt, J. M., Bhati, A., & Forney, M. (Online, 2018). Assessing the gang-level and community-level effects of the Philadelphia focused deterrence strategy. Journal of Experimental Criminology.

Ward, J. T., McConaghy, M., Bennett, J. Z. (2018). Differential applicability of criminological theories to individuals? The case of social learning vis-à-vis social control. Crime & Delinquency, 64(4), 510-541.

McConaghy, M., & Levy, M. (2015). The impact of gender and early delinquency on reoffending: A life history perspective. Victims and Offenders, 11, 1-34.