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Photo of Adam R. Heinrich Ph.D.

Adam R. Heinrich, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

History and Anthropology
Howard Hall
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Adam R. Heinrich, Ph.D.

Dr. Heinrich is an archaeologist with a wide array of research interests and experiences which allow him to bring cross-disciplinary methods and perspectives to his research and teaching. His main foci are in historical archaeology and zooarchaeology with particular interest in exploring historic adaptations to new environments and developing market systems. Dr. Heinrich also has extensive experience working with material culture including the use of GIS to identify how artifacts can reveal market connections across colonial New Jersey and the Hudson River Valley of New York. Current research also includes studies of environmental influences on livestock use in the northeast USA as well as advocating for a stronger taphonomic methodology in historical zooarchaeology.


Ph.D., Rutgers University

Research Interests

Historical and prehistoric archaeology; Historical and prehistoric zooarchaeology; Cultural and environmental variation in husbandry and meat consumption; Taphonomy; African and European diaspora and cultural contact; 17th-19th century commemoration; Osteology/Forensics, Archaeobotany (macrobotanicals); Experimental archaeology; Development of mercantile systems; Consumerism in archaeology; Material culture and social process



Book Chapters

Heinrich, Adam R. and Carmel Schrire. 2014. Faunal Analysis and the Development of the VOC Meat Industry at the Cape. In Historical Archaeology in South Africa: Material Culture of the Dutch East India Company at the Cape. Carmel Schrire, editor, pp. 65-99. Walnut Creek, California, Left Coast Press, Inc.

Heinrich, Adam R. and Carmel Schrire. 2011. Colonial Fauna at the Cape of Good Hope: A Proxy for Colonial Impact on Indigenous People. In The Importance of Material Things, Volume 2. Julie Schablitsky and Mark Leone, editors, pp. 121-141. Society for Historical Archaeology.

Scholarly Articles

Heinrich, Adam R. and Teresa Bulger. In prep. The Archaeology of Hannah Glover, an Early 19th-Century Quaker in New Jersey. Historical Archaeology.

Heinrich, Adam R. In press. Archaeological Identification of Woodland Period Shelters within the Inner Coastal Plain at the Gloucester City Native American Archaeological Historic District, Gloucester City, Camden County. Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey.

Gall, Michael J., Adam R. Heinrich, Ilene Grossman-Bailey, Philip A. Hayden, and Justine McKnight. In press (2019). The Place Beyond the Fence: Slavery and Cultural Invention on a Delaware Tenant Farm. Historical Archaeology 53(4).

Heinrich, Adam R. 2016. Lenape Horticulturalists: Moving the “Maize Debate” Forward in the Lower Delaware River Valley. Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology 32:9-25.

Heinrich, Adam R. and Brock Giordano. 2015. Late 19th Century Foodways in the ‘Garden State’ at the Woodruff House, Rahway, New Jersey: Insights from Small Faunal and Large Macrobotanical Samples. Historical Archaeology 49(4):12-29.

Heinrich, Adam R. 2014. The Archaeological Signature of Stews or Grease Rendering in the Historic Period: Experimental Chopping of Long Bones and Small Fragment Sizes. Advances in Archaeological Practice 2(1): 1-12.

Heinrich, Adam R. 2014. Cherubs or Putti? Gravemarkers Demonstrating Conspicuous Consumption and the Rococo Fashion in the 18th Century. International Journal of Historical Archaeology 18: 37-64. DOI: 10.1007/s10761-013-0246-x

Heinrich, Adam R. 2012. Some Comments on the Archaeology of Slave Diet and the Importance of Taphonomy to Historical Faunal Analyses. Journal of African Diaspora Archaeology and Heritage 1(1): 9-40.

Heinrich, Adam R. 2011. “Remember Me…” But “Be Mindfull of Death”: The Artistic, Social, and Personal Choice Expressions Observed on the Gravemarkers of Eighteenth Century Monmouth County, New Jersey. New Jersey History 126(1): 26-57.

Professional Associations

  • Society for Historical Archaeology
  • Register of Professional Archaeologists
  • Middle Atlantic Archaeology
  • Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology
  • Archaeological Society of New Jersey


Frequently Taught Classes

Recently Taught Classes

2022 Spring

  • Anthropology Comprehensive Exam - AN CPE
  • Historic Artifact Analysis - AN 507
  • Historical Archaeology - AN 266, HS 266
  • Introduction to Archaeology - AN 107

2021 Fall

  • Cultures of the World - AN 113
  • Introduction to Archaeology - AN 107
  • Native American History and Prehistory - AN 532, HS 532

2021 Summer B

2021 Spring

  • Anthropology Comprehensive Exam - AN CPE
  • Historical Archaeology - AN 266, HS 266
  • Zooarchaeology: the Archaeology of Animals - AN 330
  • Zooarchaeology: the Archaeology of Animals - AN 530

2020 Fall

2020 Spring

  • Cultures of the World - AN 113
  • Introduction to Archaeology - AN 107

2019 Fall

2019 Summer B

2019 Spring

  • Cultures of the World - AN 113
  • Introduction to Archaeology - AN 107