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Why join the Honors School?

  • Honors classes are smaller than regular classes, allowing for better teacher/student rapport.
  • There is nearly twice the level of graduation success.
  • Fifty percent of honors students go on to complete advanced degrees.
  • Many cultural events are subsidized by the Honors School; check out the events page.
  • Honors students have presented at national conferences and published in professional journals.

Student Testimonials 

“I joined the honors school to make connections with people who value academics and ambition, challenge myself with the program’s rigorous curriculum, and grow as an individual.” – Amanda Crocco

“My fondest memory of the Honors School is the trips to Orlando and Philadelphia for the conferences this year. These were great opportunities to not only present my undergraduate research, but to get to know and bond with other students in the Honors School who I may not have met otherwise.” – Jenna Lombardi

“I will never forget my very first morning as a Monmouth honors school student walking to the beach at sunrise. Although it was only my first morning at Monmouth, I have never felt a greater sense of belonging than I did in that moment.” – Brielle Sadowski