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COVID-19 Update: University offices are open but being staffed remotely. Classes will be conducted remotely for all summer sessions.

History & Anthropology

Faculty & Staff

Our faculty offer more than forty undergraduate and graduate courses each semester. Courses in History, Anthropology, and Geography examine the human experience in all major cultural regions of the world from ancient times to the present.

Department of History and Anthropology
Faculty Works in Progress Seminar Series

This seminar provides a forum for both full time and part time faculty in the Department of History and Anthropology to present their research in progress to the campus community.

Full-time Faculty

Julius O. Adekunle, Ph.D.


(732) 571-4478

Photo of Dr. Julius O. Adekunle

Heidi L. Bludau, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Applied Anthropology,
Career Advising Mentor,
Summer Scholars Faculty Coordinator,
Scholarly interests: Medical anthropology; Business anthropology; Globalization; Migration; Identity

(732) 571-4479

Photo of Heidi Bludau

Melissa A. Brzycki, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor,
Scholarly interests: East Asia, Childhood and Youth, Popular Culture, Gender and Sexuality, Public History, Digital Humanities

(732) 263-5709

Photo of Melissa A. Brzycki,

Kenneth L. Campbell, Ph.D.

Scholarly interests: The Beatles, Irish History, British History, European History

(732) 263-5269

Photo of Kenneth L. Campbell Ph.D.

Veronica M. Davidov, Ph.D.

Associate Professor,
Director of Graduate Program in Anthropology

(732) 571-7502

Photo of Veronica M. Davidov Ph.D.

Hillary A. DelPrete, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Biological Anthropology,
Scholarly interests: Human Variation, secular trend, skeletal change, Evolution

(732) 571-4458

Photo of Hillary A. DelPrete Ph.D.

Maureen Dorment

Senior Lecturer


Photo of Maureen Dorment

Geoffrey G. Fouad, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geography,
Director of GIS Program,
Scholarly interests: Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Remote Sensing

(732) 263-5153

Photo of Geoffrey G. Fouad Ph.D.

Levi Fox


(732) 571-3440

William P. Gorman


(732) 263-5423

William Gorman

Adam R. Heinrich, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(732) 263-5509

Photo of Adam R. Heinrich Ph.D.

Frederick L. McKitrick, Ph.D.

Associate Professor,
Chair, Department of Art & Design

(732) 263-5752

Photo of Frederick L. McKitrick Ph.D.

Brooke A. Nappi, M.A.


(732) 571-3610

Photo of Brooke A. Nappi M.A.

Katherine J. Parkin, Ph.D.

Jules Plangere, Jr., Endowed Chair in American Social History,
On Sabbatical 2019-2020

(732) 571-4492

Photo of Katherine J. Parkin Ph.D.

Thomas S. Pearson, Ph.D.


(732) 571-3534

Photo of Thomas S. Pearson Ph.D.

Maryanne A. Rhett, Ph.D.

Director of Graduate Program in History,
Scholarly interests: Islam, Comics, Nationalism

(732) 263-5768

Photo of Maryanne A. Rhett Ph.D.

Keri J. Sansevere


(732) 571-3440

Keri Sansevere portrait

Karen Schmelzkopf, Ph.D.

Associate Professor,
Scholarly interests: tourism, urbanization, maps and mapping, human geography

(732) 571-3602

Photo of Karen Schmelzkopf, Ph.D.

Richard F. Veit, Ph.D.

Scholarly interests: Historical Archaeology, North American Prehistory, Northeastern United States and Jamaica

(732) 263-5699

Photo of Richard F. Veit, Ph.D.

Hettie V. Williams, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in African American History,
Coordinator of Works and Progress Series ,
Coordinator of Monmouth Forum Lecture Series,
Scholarly interests: African American intellectual history, gender in U.S. history, and race studies

(732) 263-5703

Photo of Hettie V. Williams, Ph.D.

Melissa S. Ziobro, M.A.

Specialist Professor, Public History,
Scholarly interests: Public History (Museums/Archives, Oral History, etc), U.S. History, NJ History


Photo of Melissa S. Ziobro, M.A.

Associated Faculty