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Matthew O’Brien

  • Instructor of History

Department: History and Anthropology

Office: Howard Hall

Phone: 732-263-5741


Professor O’Brien is a Ph.D. candidate at Rutgers University, where he is completing his dissertation, “Valuable Service: A Study of William Trumbull, English Agent to the Court of the Spanish Habsburgs, 1605-1625.”He examines the intersection of confessional identity, international politics, and court intrigue in the first three decades of the seventeenth-century. He received his B.A. from Georgetown University, and he has an M.A. in History from Fordham University.


Recently Taught Classes

2022 Fall

  • Mind Over Matter – PR 469
  • War and Peace – PR 470
  • Western Civilization in World Perspective I – HS 101

2022 Spring

2021 Fall

2021 Spring

2020 Fall

2020 Spring

2019 Fall

2019 Spring

  • Love and Marriage in Historical Perspective – HS 107
  • Revolutions – HS 148

Frequently Taught Classes

  • Historical Studies (HS 110)
  • Revolutions (HS 148)
  • War and Peace (PR 470)
  • Western Civilization in World Perspective I (HS 101)
  • Western Civilization in World Perspective II (HS 102)