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Hillary A. DelPrete, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Biological Anthropology

Scholarly interests: Human Variation, secular trend, skeletal change, Evolution

Photo of Hillary A. DelPrete Ph.D.

Ph.D., Rutgers University

M.A., Rutgers University

B.S., Tulane University

James and Marlene Howard Hall 331
Regularly Taught Courses
Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Introduction to Human Evolution
Environment and Evolution
Human Variation
Research Interests

Dr. DelPreteā€™s research interests focus on modern evolution and human variation. She has amassed skeletal data from four identified skeletal collections in order to examine change in pelvic measures over the last two hundred years to get a better understanding of pelvic change through the course of human evolution. In addition, she is particularly interested in how the modern skeleton continues to change with changes in the environment.

Professional Associations

American Association for physical anthropology
American anthropological association
BAS of the American anthropological Association
EAS of the American anthropological Association
Human Biology Association
Paleoanthropology Association