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Photo of Adam Z. Black

Adam Black

  • Instructor of History
  • Scholarly Interests: Military History, History & Psychology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Department: History and Anthropology

Office: James and Marlene Howard Hall 318

Phone: 732-263-5650


Professor Black is an enthusiastic and highly respected instructor whose infectious love for history manifests itself in spirited give-and-take with his students. In addition to incorporating sub-lessons on ethics and morality into his general history courses, Professor Black uses mock trials, class debates, and metaphysical discussions to continually challenge and prepare students for life after college; both professionally, and as educated citizens. Noted by past students for his knowledge, availability, approachability, and support, Professor Black takes great pride in developing a strong rapport with his students and in creating fun and interactive lesson plans. He is currently developing general survey courses on World Mythologies and Military Theory


PhD Candidate, Drew University

M.A., Monmouth University

B.A., Monmouth University


Warfare’s Psychological Albatross: Tracing the Treatment, Societal Perception, and Evolution of Battle-Induced Mental Trauma in the United States from the Civil War to the Korean War

Tanzania – A Paradigm for Peaceful Resolution Despite Internal Political and Social Diversity

Professional Associations

World War II Studies Institute

The Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project

International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations (ISCSC)

Additional Information

“The Battle of Cannae (216 BCE): Severely out-manned, cold, tired, miserable, and facing starvation, General Hannibal Barca and his Carthaginian Army utilized a ‘Double Envelopment’ maneuver to annihilate 16 of Rome’s elite legions. Against all odds, Carthage emerged victorious and suffered only 5,700 casualties to Rome’s 67,000! It remains the Roman Republic’s most thorough and embarrassing defeat, Hannibal’s greatest victory as a military commander, and the most perfect execution of battlefield tactics in the history of warfare!”


Recently Taught Classes

2024 Spring

2023 Fall

2023 Spring

  • Historical Studies – HS 110
  • United States History II – HS 202

2022 Fall

  • Historical Studies – HS 110
  • United States History I – HS 201

2022 Spring

2021 Fall

2021 Spring

  • The Verdict of History – HS 105
  • United States History II – HS 202

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