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Hettie V. Williams Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in African American History

Ph.D., Drew University

M.A., Drew University

M.A., Monmouth University

James and Marlene Howard Hall 329
Personal Site
Regularly Taught Courses
The History of African Americans
U.S. History I and II
American Popular Culture in the 1960s
Jazz Age and Harlem Renaissance
The Civil Rights Movement
Readings in African American Intellectual History
African Diaspora in the Americas
Western Civilization in World Perspective I and II
Urban Legends
Introduction to Gender Studies
Spike Lee & the Black Aesthetic

Hettie V. Williams Ph.D. has taught survey courses in U.S. history, Western Civilization, and upper division courses on the history of African Americans at the university level for more than a dozen years. Her teaching and research interests include: African American intellectual history, gender in U.S. history, and race/ethnicity studies. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor of African American history in the Department of History and Anthropology at Monmouth University where she teaches courses in African American history and U.S. history. She has published book chapters, essays, and encyclopedia entries and edited/authored five books. Her latest publications include Bury My Heart in a Free Land: Black Women Intellectuals in Modern U.S. History (Praeger, 2017) and with Dr. G. Reginald Daniel, professor of historical sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Race and the Obama Phenomenon: The Vision of a More Perfect Multiracial Union (University Press of Mississippi 2014).

Presentations/Invited Talks

Invited Paper, “The Georgia of the North: Black Professionals and the Civil Rights Movement in New Jersey,” New England Historical Association Annual Conference, Springfield College, Springfield, Massachusetts, 25-26 April 2014.

Invited Paper, “Call Us By Our Name:” Black Women Claiming Voice and the Divine in American History and Culture,” Ways of Knowing Conference at Harvard Divinity School, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 25-26 October 2013.

Invited Paper, “The Identity of an American President and Cosmopolitanism,” International Journal of Arts & Sciences Conference for Academic Disciplines, Harvard University Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, 26-30 May 2013.

Invited Paper, “Land of Peril and Promise: A Survey of the Civil Rights Activities of the Black Professional Class in New Jersey, 1909-1949,” The Sixties at Fifty Conference, Boston University Graduate Student and Political History Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, 22-23 March, 2013.


Williams, Hettie V. Black Identity in the African Diaspora. McFarland & Company, Inc. (forthcoming, 2015).

Williams, Hettie V. ed. “Lifting as We Climb”:   Black Women Intellectuals in Modern U.S. History . Praeger, (forthcoming, 2016)