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Experiential Education and Clinical Practice Reflections

Exhibition Gallery Category:
Experiential Education and Clinical Practice Reflections

This includes critical reflection of fieldwork experiences through internship opportunities and clinical practice placements. Posters include reflection on the site, clients/students, assignments/role, as well as what the presenter learned through the experience and a reflection on how they impacted their site.

This year we are excited to announce a special Social Justice designation for applicable poster. These posters have received the gold star “SJ” icon.
A social justice designation is scholarship that promotes one of the following areas:

  • Awareness
    Includes general concepts of social justice and multiculturalism. Overall, the project focuses on both recognition and reflections related to social justice and practices which impact the highlighted topic.
  • Advocacy
    Incorporates an informed inclusion of social justice and multiculturalism within the project. Additionally, the project includes action which generates small change.
  • Activism
    Includes an intentional, proactive engagement in social justice with the goal of creating change to systems or policies that impact the highlighted topic.

Directions: Please fully download each poster presentation so you can view and hear the entire presentation.