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Creative Practice

Exhibition Gallery Category:
Creative Practice

This category is designed to highlight other scholarship that is taking place in the classroom that involves thoughtful inquiry or analysis according to the standards of your field. This category may include development of a lesson plan based on current pedagogy, an in-depth analysis of a policy or problem in the field, or a service learning experience that transformed understanding of the field. This category might also include timely and creative practices that were developed in the face of a virtual/hybrid Covid-19 educational environment. These are just examples, and this category is designed to demonstrate that scholarship in each field is often more broad than a traditional social science research paradigm.

This year we are excited to announce a special Social Justice designation for applicable poster. These posters have received the gold star “SJ” icon.
A social justice designation is scholarship that promotes one of the following areas:

  • Awareness
    Includes general concepts of social justice and multiculturalism. Overall, the project focuses on both recognition and reflections related to social justice and practices which impact the highlighted topic.
  • Advocacy
    Incorporates an informed inclusion of social justice and multiculturalism within the project. Additionally, the project includes action which generates small change.
  • Activism
    Includes an intentional, proactive engagement in social justice with the goal of creating change to systems or policies that impact the highlighted topic.

Directions: Please fully download each poster presentation so you can view and hear the entire presentation.