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Faculty Council

Faculty Council is a representative, legislative and recommending body of the faculty at Monmouth University. The body consists of 6 at large members and 13 regular members representing 6 schools and the Library. Faculty also serves on 16 standing committees. Faculty Council, as authorized by the Monmouth University Board of Trustees, legislates in the following areas: standards for admission, registration, and retention of students; programs, curricula, and outcomes; requirements for earned degrees; standards for instruction; standards for college-funded research and professional development; professional responsibility; standards for academic freedom; qualifications for faculty rank and tenure. Responsibilities of the Faculty Council also include: development and review of academic policies and programs in order to maintain academic excellence and relevance; consideration, for presentation to the faculty, reports and proposals from the standing committees of the faculty, and creating ad hoc committees of the Council; initiating and presenting proposed legislation to the faculty; calling special meetings of the faculty; and acting in behalf of the faculty if there is insufficient time for a meeting of the faculty.

Executive Committee of the Council consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Governance Secretary and an Executive Secretary. Executive Committee meets with the Provost, in a shared governance process, to set agendas for Faculty Council and Full Faculty meetings.

Faculty governance is a part of the shared governance process endorsed by the Monmouth University. Participation of faculty in the governing process is important as it assures academic health of the University and protects faculty rights.

Meeting Times

Faculty Council meets on the second Wednesday of November, December, February, April and May, and on the fourth Friday of September, October, January, February, March and April.

2023-2024 Officers & Members of Faculty Council

Photo of Pedram P. Daneshgar

Pedram Daneshgar, Ph.D.




Photo of Kerry Carley-Rizzuto, Ed.D.

Kerry Carley-Rizzuto, Ed.D.

Vice Chair

Associate Professor;
Early Childhood;
P-3 MEd Program Director


Michelle Van Volkom

Michele Van Volkom, Ph.D.

Executive Secretary

Senior Lecturer


William Schreiber

William Schreiber, Ph.D.

Governance Secretary

Coordinator, Medical Laboratory Science;
Faculty Council Governance Secretary


At Large

Pedram DaneshgarScienceJune 30, 2025
Patrick L. O’HalloranBusinessJune 30, 2025
Rose KnappNursing and Health StudiesJune 30, 2024
Kerry Carley-RizzutoEducationJune 30, 2024
Nicholas SewitchHumanities and Social SciencesJune 30, 2025
Anne DepakSocial WorkJune 30, 2025

Guggenheim Memorial Library

George GermekLibraryJune 30, 2025

Wayne D. McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Area I

Susan GouldingEnglishJune 30, 2025
Bill GormanHistoryJune 30, 2024
Matt HarmonCommunicationJune 30, 2024

Area II

John ComiskeyCriminal JusticeJune 30, 2025
Michele Van VolkomPsychologyJune 30, 2024
Joanne JodryProfessional CounselingJune 30, 2025

Marjorie K. Unterberg School of Nursing and Health Studies

Andi HopeHealth StudiesJune 30, 2025

Leon Hess Business School

John BurkeEconomics, Finance and Real EstateSpring, 2025
Minna YuAccountingJune 30, 2024

School of Science

Torrey GallagherMathematicsJune 30, 2025
Bill SchreiberChemistry & PhysicsJune 30, 2024

School of Education

Lily SteinerCurriculum and InstructionJune 30, 2024

School of Social Work

Ralph CuseglioSocial WorkJune 30, 2025

Faculty Council Representative to FAMCO: TBD (June 30, 2024)

FAMCO Representative to Faculty Council: TBD (June 30, 2024)