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University Closed – 8/6/2020

Monmouth University is closed today 8/6/2020 due to power outage. All classes are cancelled. On-campus offices are closed. Limited remote operations will continue, where possible.

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Photo of Michele Van Volkom

Michele Van Volkom, Ph.D.


Departmental Advising Coordinator (DAC)

SONA Alternative Assignment Coordinator

James and Marlene Howard Hall 134

Michele Van Volkom, Ph.D.

Dr. Van Volkom began teaching at the State University of New York at Albany in May of 1999.  She worked as an adjunct faculty member at Sage college during graduate school.  After completing her doctoral program in Social Psychology in 2002, and spent one year as a visiting assistant professor at Susquehanna University.  In September of 2003, she began her full time faculty position at Monmouth University.  She has specialization in social psychology with an emphasis on topics such as health issues, technology use, gender development, and relationships within the family. Current areas of interest include birth order, personality, and sibling relationships in emerging adulthood.


Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany

M.A., State University of New York at Albany

B.A., Seton Hall University

Research Interests

Generational and sex differences in the use of and attitudes toward technology; Sibling relationships in adulthood



Van Volkom, M. (2005). Instructor’s Manual to Accompany Social Psychology by Baron, Byrne, and Branscombe (11th ed.).  Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

Scholarly Articles

Van Volkom, M., & Beaudoin, E.* (2016).  The effect of birth order and sex on perceptions of the sibling relationship among college students.  College Student Journal, 50,  347-354.

Van Volkom, M., Stapley, J. C., & Amaturo, V.*  (2014).  Revisiting the digital divide: Generational differences in technology use in everyday life.   North American Journal of Psychology, 16,  547-564.

Van Volkom, M., Stapley, J. C., & Malter, J.* (2013). Use and perception of technology: Sex and generational differences in a community sample. Educational Gerontology, 39, 729-740.

Ciarocco, N. J., Lewandowski, G. W., Jr., & Van Volkom, M. (2013). The impact of a multifaceted approach to teaching research methods on students' attitudes. Teaching of Psychology, 40, 20-25. doi:10.1177/0098628312465859

Van Volkom, M., Machiz, C.,* & Reich, A. E.*  (2011).  Sibling relationships in the college years: Do gender, birth order, and age spacing matter?  North American Journal of Psychology, 13, 35-50.

Van Volkom, M. (2009).  The effects of childhood tomboyism and family experiences on the self-esteem of college females.  College Student Journal, 43, 736-743.

Van Volkom, M.  (2008).  Attitudes towards cigarette smoking among college students. College Student Journal, 42, 294-304.

Van Volkom, M.  (2006).  Sibling relationships in middle and older adulthood: A review of the literature.  Marriage and Family Review, 40, 151-170

Presentations/Invited Talks

Van Volkom, M., & Beaudoin, E.*  (2016, March).  Self-esteem among emerging adults: Effects of birth order and residential status.  Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, New York, NY

Van Volkom, M.  (2015, September).  Building critical thinking skills: Examples from a psychology of adulthood and aging course .  Poster session presented at the biennial Atlantic Coast Teaching of Psychology conference, Red Bank, NJ

Caianiello, J. G.*, & Van Volkom, M. (2015, March).  You're hired: The effect of school prestige and presence of profile pictures on overall impression of LinkedIn profiles .  Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Philadelphia, PA.

Van Volkom, M., & Nye, J. L.  (2013, September).  Teaching the science of psychology outside of Intro: The case of first year seminar.  Poster session presented at the biennial Atlantic Coast Teaching of Psychology Conference, Red Bank, NJ.

Van Volkom, M., & Stapley, J. C.  (2013, March).  Similarities and differences in attitudes toward technology across three generations of adults.  Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, New York, NY.

Professional Associations

  • National Academic Advising Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • Association for Psychological Science
  • Eastern Psychological Association
  • Society for Personality and Social Psychology


Frequently Taught Classes

  • Experimental Methods in Psychology and Laboratory (PY 320)
  • First Year Seminar (FY 101)
  • Introduction to Psychology (PY 103)
  • Psychological Statistics (PY 311)
  • Psychological Statistics and Lab (PY 311)
  • Psychology of Adulthood and Aging (PY 205)
  • Psychology of Aging (PY 205)
  • Research Ii: Behavioral Statistics and Laboratory (PY 311)
  • Research Iii: Experimental Methods and Laboratory (PY 320)
  • Service Learning Projects (EX 487)
  • Social Psychology (PY 207)

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