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Photo of Lilly Steiner, Ed.D.

Lilly Steiner, Ed.D.

Associate Professor


Literacy Program Director

Curriculum and Instruction
McAllan Hall 211

Lilly Steiner, Ed.D.


Ed.D., Boston University, Developmental Studies

M.A., University of North Dakota, English Literature

B.A., University Wisconsin--LaCrosse, English and Political Science

Research Interests

Research interests include family literacy and creating strong home-school partnerships.


Scholarly Articles

  • Steiner, L.M., Hindin, A. & Rizzuto, K.C. (2021). Developing children’s literacy learning through skillful parent–child shared book readings. Early Childhood Education Journal,
  • Steiner, L.M. & Cassano, C. (2017). An intervention to support teachers in building on children’s home literacy backgrounds. Journal of Family Diversity in Education, 2 (3), 19-40.
  • Hindin, A., Steiner, L.M., & Dougherty, S. (2017). Building our capacity to forge successful home-school partnerships: Programs that support and honor the contributions of families. Childhood Education, 93 (1), 10-19.
  • Cassano, C. & Steiner, L.M. (2016). Exploring assessment demands and task supports in early childhood phonological awareness assessments. Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice 65 (1) 217-235.


Frequently Taught Classes

  • Administration and Supervision of Literacy Practices and Professional Development for School Leaders (EDL 593)
  • Advanced Literacy Instruction (EDL 515)
  • Assessment and Instruction in Literacy I (EDL 564)
  • Assessment and Instruction in Literacy II (EDL 565)
  • Early Literacy and Language Development (EDL 522)
  • Literacy Instruction (EDL 503)
  • Literacy Instruction in K-5 Educational Settings I (EDL 326)
  • Literacy Instruction in K-6 Educational Settings I (EDL 326)
  • Literacy Strategies for All Learners I (EDL 516)
  • Literacy Strategies for All Learners II (EDL 517)
  • Literacy Trends and Issues (EDL 527)
  • Multicultural Literature and Literacy (EDL 525)
  • Strategies for Teaching Writing, K-12 (EDL 526)

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