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Photo of John G. Comiskey, Ed.D.

John G. Comiskey, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor

Criminal Justice
Edison Hall 339D

John G. Comiskey, Ed.D.

Prof. Comiskey is a retired New York City Police Lieutenant. His assignments included patrol, auto-crime, narcotics, investigations, event management, and counter-terrorism operations. Prof. Comiskey is also a member of the US Coast Guard Reserve and serves as an intelligence specialist.


Ed.D., Executive Leadership, St. John Fisher College (2014)

M.S., Secondary Education: Social Studies, Queens College, CUNY (2005)

M.A., Security Studies (Homeland Security), Naval Post Graduate School (2010)

Research Interests

Prof. Comiskey academic interest include intelligence, the nexus of crime and terrorism, evidence based counter-terrorism operations, and the development of homeland security higher education curriculum.


Frequently Taught Classes

  • Advanced Homeland Security Intelligence (HLS 302)
  • Comprehensive Exam (CJ CPE)
  • Foundations of Homeland Security (HLS 610)
  • Homeland Security Comprehensive Examination (HLS CPE)
  • Homeland Security Intelligence (HLS 301, HLS 630)
  • Interdisciplinary Approach to Homeland Security (HLS 640)
  • Introduction to Homeland Security (HLS 101, HLS 212)
  • Knowledge Into Practice: Homeland Security Capstone Course (HLS 695)
  • Open-Source Intelligence (HLS 417)
  • Theoretical Approaches to Homeland Security (HLS 287, HLS 602)

Recently Taught Classes

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2020 Fall

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