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Music and Theatre Arts

Music and Theatre Arts Faculty

Prof. Tripold's singing lessonThe Department of Music and Theatre Arts has extraordinary faculty members with years of experience in the performing arts.

In an dynamic and interactive department, instructors get to know their students closely and share with them their individual stories of success, in symphony orchestras, touring rock bands, on Broadway, at major record companies, and in the recording studio with award-winning artists. Instructors have worked in a range of fields, including opera, rock & pop music, acting, playwriting, directing, and music business & entertainment media.


Photo of Joe Rapolla

Joe Rapolla

Specialist Professor

Full-time Faculty

Photo of Sheri R. Anderson

Sheri R. Anderson

Specialist Professor

Photo of John J. Burke, Ph.D.

John J. Burke, Ph.D.

Director of Theatre Arts
Associate Professor

Photo of Jeffrey Cook

Jeffrey Cook

Director of Pep Band

Photo of Ferdinando DelGuercio

Ferdinando DelGuercio

Designer/Technical Director

Photo of Jack C. Foster

Jack C. Foster

MU Clinical Educator

Meghan Hynson

Meghan E. Hynson

Assistant Professor

Photo of David M. Tripold, Ph.D.

David M. Tripold, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Photo of George A. Wurzbach

George A. Wurzbach

Specialist Professor

Part-time Faculty