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The Big Sound of the Jersey Shore

The Monmouth University Pep Band

The Monmouth University Pep Band is under the direction of Jeffrey Cook, Lecturer in Music, and is a recognized performance ensemble within the Department of Music and Theatre Arts. The Pep Band is one of the busiest and most recognized ensembles on campus, performing upwards of 50 times a year.

Affectionately labeled “The Big Sound of the Jersey Shore” by former MU President Paul G. Gaffney II, the ensemble is comprised of both Music majors and non-majors across campus. We are open to anyone interested in sharing their musical pursuits to help support Monmouth University and become an integral part of the campus community.

The Monmouth University Pep Band supports the University’s Division I Athletics Department, which competes as a full member of the Coastal Athletic Association (CAA).

We are proud to be endorsees of Vic Firth, Jupiter/Mapex, and Zildjian Cymbals.

Monmouth Pep Band Endorsees 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to major in Music to be a part of the band?

You do not need to major in Music to be a member of the Pep Band. In fact, most of our band members are non-majors, with over twenty different majors represented in the band.

What is the rehearsal schedule?

The Pep Band rehearses Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7–9 p.m. in Anacon Hall on our main campus. As we are not a traditional marching band, there is no drill to learn or shows to memorize, so our rehearsals are mainly focused on learning new music as we progress through the academic year.

Is there any travel involved with the band?

We do not travel for away football games, and only perform off campus for local events to support our campus community. When we enter basketball season we do travel for the CAA Basketball Conference Tournament for both our men’s and women’s teams.

Can I balance my academics with my band schedule?

Though the rehearsal and game day schedules do require a time commitment, balancing your coursework and band activities is easily manageable. As an incoming freshmen it’s always best to share your plan with your first year advisor before starting the fall semester to make sure you are registered for the course. The necessity to make time for band and your academics is a skillset our band students develop very quickly from the first week of classes.

Do I have to audition for the band?

There is no formal audition for the band, we are open to having students who have any experience with both traditional and non-traditional instrumentation in our band.

Is there a band camp before the start of the year?

Yes, we have a band camp that meets the week before the start of classes. For resident students that means early move-in and getting that early start on familiarizing yourself with campus. For the length of band camp we begin learning our music for the season, learn our basic marching formations and practices, and also spend as much time as possible getting to know each other and having some fun bonding opportunities.

What are game days like for football?

Our game day schedule begins in the morning with Hawk Walk, an opportunity to send the football team into the stadium, and carries on through some pregame performances for fans in our tailgating lots. We then march into Kessler Stadium and present a short pregame presentation with our cheer and dance teams, and then head into the stands to perform songs and support our players. Since all of our games are in the afternoon we are usually done with by 5 p.m.

What are the financial obligations as a member of the band?

As a member of the band you are not required to buy any uniform items or cover any instrument feeds. All members of the band receive some basic uniform items at the start of the year, and replacement items are to be covered by the band member due to loss or damage. In the event of travel the cost of hotel and meals are also covered by the band budget.

Are there scholarships available to students?

We currently have a small number of scholarships that are awarded to students who meet academic standards for the university, and are generally awarded based on class standing or years of service.

Why should I join?

For many students, college is the last time they may get to play their instrument or to be a part of something larger than themselves. Being in the Monmouth University Pep Band offers the change to create lasting memories, lifelong friends, and leadership opportunities to help shape not only your experience but the experience of future members of the band. What other student organizations allow you to get a head start on being involved with campus activities before the semester even begins?

Our Information

Jeffrey Cook
Director, Monmouth University Pep Band
Lecturer, Dept. of Music and Theatre Arts

Monmouth University
400 Cedar Avenue
West Long Branch, NJ 07764
Pep Band Office Phone: 732-923-4747

If you have any questions, or would like more information, feel free to contact us at

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