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Photo of Sheri Anderson

Sheri R. Anderson

Specialist Professor

Music and Theatre Arts
Woods Theatre 216

Sheri R. Anderson

Sheri Anderson has an MFA in stage management from University of California–San Diego. She has worked on more than a dozen Broadway plays, including Phantom of the Opera, Little Me, and The Full Monty. Prof. Anderson has also worked on two national tours and numerous regional and off-Broadway productions. Her fields of interest include theater history and musical theater. She is a member of Actors’ Equity and Mensa.


Frequently Taught Classes

  • Actors' Equity Workshop I (TH 240)
  • Actors' Equity Workshop II (TH 340)
  • Applied Theatre (TH 390, TH 391)
  • Applied Theatre Design (TH 290)
  • Applied Theatre Management (TH 291)
  • Applied Theatre Techniques I (TH 190)
  • Applied Theatre Techniques II (TH 191)
  • Arts at Monmouth University (FYTH 103)
  • First Year Seminar (FY 101)
  • Musical Theatre History (TH 310)
  • Postcolonial Drama and Film (TH 349)
  • Theatre Appreciation (TH 101)
  • Theatre Performance Practicum I (TH 245)
  • Theatre Performance Practicum II (TH 246)
  • Theatre Performance Practicum III (TH 247)

Recently Taught Classes

2022 Fall

2022 Summer D

2022 Spring

2021 Fall

2021 Summer D

2021 Spring

2020 Fall

2020 Summer D

2020 Spring