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History Program

The history curriculum is designed to provide an understanding of the complex forces that have shaped the present and to assist in preparing for careers in business, law, politics, public service, journalism, or teaching.

Course offerings in history provide students with a strong background in U.S. and European History, and in the History of Western Civilization. In addition, the department offers electives in African, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern History. Our internship and experiential programs include opportunities to work at museums, historical associations, and historical sites in New Jersey.

Whether you’re an undergrad looking to start a career, or an experienced grad student with a passion for the past, the department offers a variety of programs in history. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees are available in History, and five undergraduate minors—ranging from archaeology to geographic information systems—provide a firm background of or support for history curriculum. Click the links below to start digging into these programs:

World History Assoc 2015
Alumni Dylan Maynard (left), Ruben Carrillo (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, center), and professor Maryanne Rhett (right) present their work “Video Games and World History” at the 2015 annual World History Association conference in Savannah, GA.