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Experiential Education

All Monmouth University undergraduates are required to complete the Experiential Education requirement. Under this program, students gain valuable professional experience by successfully completing at least one designated course in their major or minor fields, participating in a faculty-sponsored internship practicum, service learning or corporate project, or cooperative education placement, or through the study abroad program. 

Students majoring in History and Education automatically fulfill the requirement when they do their student teaching, generally during their senior year. Other history and anthropology majors can complete the requirement by taking any of the following elective courses:

  • AN 288 – Cooperative Education
  • AN 311 – Anthropology/History Internship Seminar
  • AN 315 – Field Research in Archaeology
  • AN 382 – Applied Anthropology
  • AN 380 – American Diversity
  • AN 388 – Cooperative Education
  • AN 488 – Cooperative Education
  • AN 489 – Field Study / Internship in Anthropology / Archaeology
  • HS 288 – Cooperative Education
  • HS 311 – History/Anthropology Internship Seminar
  • HS 388 – Cooperative Education
  • HS 488 – Cooperative Education
  • HS 489 – Historical Internship
    1. a regularly offered course which has an experiential component such as Field Methods in Archaeology (HS/AN 315); or
    2. History

For information about these options, speak with your advisor or contact the department’s Career Advising Mentor,
Prof. Heidi Bludau.