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MA History

Master of Arts in History

You relish learning about the past and have a knack for connecting the dots between the lessons of yesterday and the challenges of today.

Put that exceptional intellectual curiosity to work by enrolling in Monmouth University’s 30-credit M.A. in History. Whether you’re seeking a valuable career enhancement or planning to pursue your Ph.D., Monmouth’s M.A. in History gives you the power to tailor your degree to your interests and goals. Convenient evening classes let you earn your degree while you work.

In addition to our general degree, the graduate history program offers three detailed specializations. Monmouth’s World History focus is a sought-after specialization that most history departments don’t offer. Our U.S. and European History specializations offer critical context in an increasingly global economy.

In small seminars, you will work with professors with a wide array of specialties, and you will engage fellow students with a diverse set of backgrounds and interests. The development of research proficiency, humanistic values, and a broad understanding of global issues is also emphasized in this program.

Application deadlines for this program are May 1 for Summer, July 15 for Fall, and December 1 for Spring. View Program Application Requirements.

Thesis or Exam?

Those who wish to specialize in any of the program’s areas of study and who are planning to pursue a doctoral degree at another institution may complete a master’s thesis. Those with a general interest in history may pursue a broad-based program and can opt to take a comprehensive examination in place of completing a thesis.

Research and Curriculum Opportunities

Students in the M.A. in History program have opportunities to present their work at conferences held both on campus (including the biennial Monmouth University Conference on Race) and off campus.

Students have presented at local, regional, and international conferences on topics including:

  • Ireland and Dark Tourism
  • The Caribbean, Race and Imperialism in World History
  • Women and Family-Friendly Issues on College Campus
  • The Viking Legacy in Scotland
  • Race and Asbury Park NJ
  • White Male Privilege in Academia

Gain valuable real-world experience in presenting in front of faculty, researchers, influencers and peers in exciting and dynamic formats. Monmouth’s M.A. in History provides the opportunity to put your work center stage.