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History & Anthropology

Race and Ethnic Studies Minor

The Department of History and Anthropology’s minor program in race and ethnic studies is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary program that affords students the opportunity to either take interdisciplinary courses, cross listed classes, or courses in a specific discipline that focuses on a diverse population group with required courses that concentrate on the United States or race/ethnicity in world societies.

This minor allows students the opportunity to develop as global citizens through the comparative and multidisciplinary study of the history, culture, geography, politics, sociology and economics of Africans, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, Latin Americans, and Muslim populations in the Middle East. Courses associated with this minor have a race and ethnic studies designation (RE) and these classes provide students with the cultural competency necessary to function in the global classroom in a nation that is becoming increasingly more ethnically diverse.

Requirements for the Minor in Race and Ethnic Studies

There are fifteen credits required for this minor including two required courses. Students must take either American Diversity (AN 380) or Race and Ethnicity (SO 252) and Slavery in the Atlantic World (HS 349) for a total of six required credits. Students then can select from a variety of 200 level or above courses with the RE designation for a total of nine credits to complete the minor.

For required courses, please see the Race and Ethnic Studies Minor Curriculum Chart.

For questions, please contact Professor Hettie Williams or Professor Brooke Nappi.

Courses with the RE designation include:

  • AN 263 Peoples and Cultures of South America
  • AN 264 North American Indians
  • AN 305 Caribbean Archaeology
  • AN 363 The Amazon
  • AN 367 Civilization of the Andes
  • AN 377 Archaeology of African American Life
  • AN 380 American Cultural Diversity
  • AN 425 Latin American Seminar
  • HS 209 The History of African Americans
  • HS 290 Popular Culture and the Middle East
  • HS 291 Introduction to Islamic History
  • HS 293 The African Diaspora in the Americas
  • HS 295 History of Africa
  • HS 296 Cultures and Societies of Africa
  • HS 297 History of West Africa
  • HS 306 Jazz Age and Harlem Renaissance
  • HS 307 History of Sexuality in America
  • HS 308 The American Civil Rights Movement
  • HS 309 Readings in African American Intellectual History
  • HS 333 The Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HS 319 History of the American City
  • HS 352 Militant Nationalism
  • HS 359 The Holocaust
  • HS 391 The Modern Middle East
  • HS 392 History of the Arab Israeli Conflict
  • HS 397 Globalization and Africa
  • SO 252 Race and Ethnicity