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History & Anthropology

The History Minor

The history minor provides a broad overview of the past and assists students in honing their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. Students may take coursework in political, cultural, social, and military history in the areas of the United States, Europe, and the non-Western World.

The minor complements many major courses of study, particularly Anthropology, Art, Business, Communications, and Political Science.

Requirements for Monmouth’s Minor in History:

Students must take 15 elective credits in History. Twelve (12) of those credits must be from HS, excluding HS 101 and HS 102, and 3 credits from HS 300 level and above to meet the prerequisites for this course of study.

Requirements: 15 Credits
Electives 12 credits from HS
(Excluding HS 101 and HS 102)
Electives 3 credits from HS; 300 level and above 3.0
Total Credits for the Minor in History = 15.0