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Date Region Title
12/15/2021 National Most Americans ‘Worn Out’ By Covid
12/13/2021 National Inflation, Supply Chain Issues Impact Holiday Shopping
12/08/2021 National Rising Prices Are Top Kitchen Table Worry
11/16/2021 National Back to Normal Thanksgiving… Almost
11/15/2021 National Doubt in American System Increases
11/11/2021 National Steady Support for Vax Mandates
11/10/2021 National Biden’s Plans More Popular Than President
10/27/2021 New Jersey Murphy Maintains Lead
10/20/2021 Virginia GOP Gains in Governor’s Race
10/04/2021 National Fires, Floods Linked to Climate
09/27/2021 Virginia Stable Governor’s Race
09/23/2021 New Jersey Stable Grades on Covid for Murphy
09/22/2021 New Jersey Small Shift in Governor Race
09/20/2021 National Public Pans Texas Abortion Law
09/16/2021 National Divided Opinion on Handling of Afghanistan Withdrawal
09/15/2021 National Majority Back Vaccine, Mask Mandates
09/08/2021 Virginia Most Parents Support School Mask Mandate
09/07/2021 New Jersey 20th Anniversary of 9/11
08/31/2021 Virginia McAuliffe Holds Issue Edge in Guv Race
08/23/2021 New Jersey Back to School With a Mask… And Maybe a Vax
08/18/2021 New Jersey Pandemic, Taxes, Economy Are Top Voter Issues in Race for Governor
08/02/2021 National Federal Health Agencies Get Good Marks, But Give Mixed Messages on Covid
07/29/2021 National Biden Impact on Rich, Poor, Middle Class
07/28/2021 National Pandemic & Politics Dampen Olympic Spirit
06/28/2021 National Covid-Independence Day?