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Date Region Title
08/06/2020 Iowa CD2 Most Competitive of Four House Races
08/05/2020 Iowa Close Contests for Prez & Senate
07/29/2020 Georgia Parity in Presidential Race; GOP Leads in Both Senate Contests
07/15/2020 Pennsylvania Biden Leads But Many Anticipate Secret Trump Vote
07/08/2020 National Partisanship Drives Latest Shift in Race Relations Attitudes
07/02/2020 National More Voters Rule Out Trump Than Biden
07/01/2020 National Covid Worries Rise Slightly
06/18/2020 Arizona, California, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Virginia One-Third of Primary Voters Switched Their Presidential Support
06/15/2020 National Many Expect to Get Back on Track, But in A ‘New Normal’ Post-Covid
06/10/2020 National Play Ball! America Misses Pro Sports
06/08/2020 National America Takes Sides in Social Media War
06/04/2020 National Public Expects 2nd Covid Surge, But Many Still Want Some Venues Opened
06/03/2020 National More Voters Trust Biden on Race Relations
06/02/2020 National Protestors’ Anger Justified Even If Actions May Not Be
05/21/2020 National Relationships Weather the Pandemic
05/11/2020 National Pandemic Impact Stabilizes
05/06/2020 National Voters Divided on Alleged Biden Assault
05/05/2020 National President Inconsistent on Covid
04/29/2020 New Jersey Pandemic Spurs Positive Quality of Life Views
04/27/2020 New Jersey State Feels COVID Impact Harder Than Most
04/23/2020 New Jersey Dems Hold Edge for Prez, Senate; House More Competitive
04/21/2020 New Jersey Broad Support for Social Distancing
04/13/2020 National COVID-19 Impact on Daily Life Heightens
04/09/2020 National Biden Maintains Lead
04/08/2020 National Fed Govt Not Helping States Enough; Trump Rating, Public Confidence Down