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Date Region Title
03/08/2021 National Public Satisfied with Vaccine Rollout, But 1 in 4 Still Unwilling to Get It
03/03/2021 National Public Wants Stimulus Checks More Than GOP Support for Plan
02/09/2021 National Uptick in Relationship Satisfaction During Covid
02/08/2021 National Most Say American System Is Not Sound
02/03/2021 National 1 In 4 Say ‘No Thanks’ to Vaccine
01/27/2021 National Public Wants GOP to Work With Biden
01/25/2021 National Majority Support Trump Impeachment
01/19/2021 National Authoritarianism Among Trump Voters
11/23/2020 National Covid, Economy, Unity, Race Top the Public Agenda
11/20/2020 National Covid Puts a Damper on Thanksgiving
11/19/2020 National Deep Divide Remains After Election
11/18/2020 National More Americans Happy About Trump Loss Than Biden Win
11/02/2020 Pennsylvania Biden Holds Lead Despite Trump Gains in Swing Counties
10/29/2020 Florida Biden Maintains Lead
10/28/2020 Georgia Swing Toward The Democrats
10/22/2020 Iowa Dems Lead in 3 of 4 House Races
10/21/2020 Iowa Biden Takes Likely Voter Lead; Greenfield Maintains Narrow Senate Edge
10/15/2020 Arizona Dem Gains in Key Races
10/13/2020 North Carolina Prez Race Stays Tight; Dem Senate Candidate Gains
10/06/2020 Pennsylvania More Voters Trust Biden on Covid
10/05/2020 New Jersey Party-Switching CD02 Incumbent Trails
09/28/2020 National Voters Split on Filling SCOTUS Seat
09/24/2020 Iowa Trump Maintains Small Lead; Slight Gain for Dem in Senate
09/23/2020 Georgia Countervailing Shifts in a Stable Race
09/17/2020 Arizona Dems Ahead For Prez, Senate