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Date Region Title
02/20/2020 California Sanders Leads with One-Quarter of Vote
02/18/2020 Virginia Only 1 In 4 Voters Firm About Choice
02/11/2020 National Most Expect Trump Will Be Reelected; Sanders Overtakes Biden Among Dem Voters
02/10/2020 National Split Decision on Impeachment Vote; Most Say It’s Time to Move On
02/06/2020 New Hampshire Sanders Takes Lead, Buttigieg and Biden Vie For Second
01/29/2020 Iowa Dem Caucuses Could Be a Five-Way Contest
01/28/2020 National Little Opposition to USMCA
01/22/2020 National Democrats Want a National Primary
01/21/2020 National Majority Support Allowing New Impeachment Evidence
01/13/2020 Iowa Dem 2020 Race Continues to Shift
01/09/2020 New Hampshire Four-Way Fight in Dem Primary
01/07/2020 New Jersey State’s American Revolution Heritage Worth Preserving
01/06/2020 National Is Experience or Ideology More Important to Voters?
12/11/2019 National Most Say Trump Hindered Inquiry, But Impeachment Opinion is Unmoved
12/10/2019 National Washington, Obama, and Trump, Oh My!
11/18/2019 New Jersey Quality of Life Index Rallies
11/12/2019 Iowa Few Caucusgoers Tied to 2020 Choice
11/06/2019 National Trump 2020 Reelect Stable
11/05/2019 National Partisan Opinion on Trump Digs in
10/23/2019 South Carolina Little Change for Dem Field
10/14/2019 National Americans Feel Divided On Core Values
10/10/2019 National Halloween Faves, Costume Don’ts
10/02/2019 National No Change in Trump Reelect Prospects
10/01/2019 National Impeachment Support Up Slightly But Trump Job Rating Steady
09/30/2019 New Jersey Mixed Views on Plastic Bag Ban