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Date Region Title
07/10/2017 New Jersey Choice Words for “Beachgate”
05/31/2017 National Trump is His Own Worst Spokesperson; Spicer, Conway Not Much Better
05/24/2017 National Not Much Swamp-Draining in DC
05/18/2017 National Does Trump-Russia Relationship Pose Security Threat? Public Split
03/29/2017 National POTUS Less Trusted Than Media, “Fake News” Comes From All Sources
03/22/2017 National America Remains Deeply Divided
03/07/2017 National Cost Drives Opinion on Health Care
03/06/2017 National Divided on Trump, Russia, Travel Ban
02/09/2017 National Most Want a Partner Like Them
02/07/2017 National Health Care is Top Concern of American Families
01/17/2017 National Uncertain Expectations for Pres. Trump
11/07/2016 National Clinton Leads by 6 Points
11/03/2016 Utah Trump Maintains Lead; Clinton 2nd, McMullin 3rd
11/02/2016 Pennsylvania Clinton Has Smaller Lead; McGinty Ahead in Senate Race
11/01/2016 Missouri Senate Race Remains Neck and Neck; Trump Widens Edge for President
10/31/2016 Indiana Young Catches Up to Bayh for Senate; Trump Widens Lead for President
10/28/2016 New Jersey NJ Sandy Panel: Slow Progress Four Years Later
10/26/2016 New Hampshire Clinton Lead Narrows; Senate Race Tightens
10/25/2016 Arizona Clinton, Trump Neck and Neck; McCain on Track for Reelection
10/24/2016 North Carolina Prez, Gov Races Close; GOP Edge for Senate
10/19/2016 Wisconsin Clinton Stays Ahead; Feingold with Smaller Lead
10/18/2016 Nevada Clinton Retakes Lead; Senate Race Remains Close
10/17/2016 National Trump Hurt by Misconduct Claims as Clinton Lead Widens
10/14/2016 Indiana Prez Contest Tightens; Bayh Maintains Senate Edge
10/13/2016 Utah Trump has Narrow Lead But Clinton and McMullin are Hot on His Heels

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