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University Qualifications Committee

This committee will receive and review all pertinent documents regarding faculty members who are actively seeking continuance, tenure eligibility, tenure, or promotion in rank; send recommendations to the Provost; and notify the candidates of the nature of their recommendations.

Joint Appointees
Janet MahoneyNursing & Health StudiesJune 30, 2024
Jay WangScienceJune 30, 2024
Administrative Appointee
John ComiskeyHumanities & Social Sciences Area IIJune 30, 2024
FAMCO Appointee
Patrick O’HalloranBusinessJune 30, 2024
Golam Mathbor (chair)Social WorkJune 30, 2025
Katherine ParkinHumanities & Social Sciences Area IJune 30, 2027
Lilly SteinerEducationJune 30, 2026