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COVID-19 Update: University offices are open but being staffed remotely. Classes will be conducted remotely for all summer sessions.

Undergraduate Academic Standards and Review Committee

Benedicte Reyes Business September 30, 2021
David Marshall Science September 30, 2021
Patricia Sciscione Nursing & Health Studies September 30, 2020
Kathryn Lubriewski Education September 30, 2020
Michele VanVolkom Humanities and Social Sciences September 30, 2020
Joelle Zabotka Social Work September 30, 2021

(* Michael Thomas, representing SHSS Dean’s office, is chair)

Also includes: Deans of the Schools or designee, Dean of Honors School or designee, Dean of the Center for Student Success or designee, Vice President for Student Services or designee, and Registrar.

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