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Writing Committee

The Writing Committee will provide oversight of the Writing learning objective of the general education curriculum, including but not limited to the Writing-Intensive requirement. The Committee will collaborate with the Writing Center to provide resources and support for faculty integrating writing into their courses, including ongoing faculty-development workshops. The Committee will make itself available to develop workshops. The Committee will make itself available to review syllabi for general education courses that include writing as a learning objective, and will work with faculty and departments to support successful implementation. The Committee will engage in an on-going review of the Writing learning objective, and will recommend changes as appropriate to promote success in student writing University-wide.

*Denotes co-chairs

Maria Hrycenko, Co-chair June 30, 2026
School Representatives
 Scott JeffreyBusinessJune 30, 2025
Ellen Doss-PepeScienceJune 30, 2025
Maureen DormentHumanities and Social SciencesJune 30, 2025
Tamara Rial-FaigenbaumNursing & Health StudiesJune 30, 2024
Lilly SteinerEducationJune 30, 2026
Paul UrbanskiSocial WorkJune 30, 2025
Christine ForbesLibraryJune 30, 2025
Mihaela Moscaliuc, Co-chairGraduate Program DirectorJune 30, 2025
Frank FuryWriting CenterN/A

Membership includes the Director of First Year Composition and the Associate Director of First Year Composition, a faculty elected from each school and the library and an at-large faculty representative, a director of a graduate program, the Writing Services Director, the Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and one representative from the student tutors of writing services.