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COVID-19 Update: University offices are open but being staffed remotely. Classes will be conducted remotely for all summer sessions.

Writing Committee

The Writing Committee will provide oversight of the Writing learning objective of the general education curriculum, including but not limited to the Writing-Intensive requirement. The Committee will collaborate with the Writing Center to provide resources and support for faculty integrating writing into their courses, including ongoing faculty-development workshops. The Committee will make itself available to develop workshops. The Committee will make itself available to review syllabi for general education courses that include writing as a learning objective, and will work with faculty and departments to support successful implementation. The Committee will engage in an on-going review of the Writing learning objective, and will recommend changes as appropriate to promote success in student writing University-wide.

*Denotes chairs

 *Heide Estes Humanities and Social Sciences June 30, 2021
School Representatives
 *Scott Jeffrey Business June 30, 2021
Ellen Doss-Pepe Science June 30, 2021
Mike Richinson Humanities and Social Sciences June 30, 2021
Patricia Scisscione Nursing & Health Studies June 30, 2020
Kerry Carley-Rizzuto Education June 30, 2020
Cory Cummings Social Work June 30, 2021
Frank Fury Writing Center N/A
Lisa Iannucci Library June 30, 2021
Deanna Shoemaker Graduate Program Director June 30, 2021
Vacant (to be filled Sept 2019) Student tutor N/A

Membership includes the Director of First Year Composition and the Associate Director of First Year Composition, a faculty elected from each school and the library and an at-large faculty representative, a director of a graduate program, the Writing Services Director, the Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and one representative from the student tutors of writing services.

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