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Information Technology Committee

This committee will develop and recommend general strategies, policies and procedures and monitor standards for the use of technology in all academic areas such as online course delivery, scholarship and research, and the use of technology in work performed by faculty for departments and schools. The committee will also monitor and coordinate faculty needs with regards to technology use and recommend appropriate action as necessary. Membership on the committee will be comprised of elected faculty and student members and non-voting members as described below. Elected school representatives will also serve and be charged with convening and chairing their school’s technology committee Teaching and Learning Technology Roundtable (TLTR) or other). Members should be generally knowledgeable about technology and technology related issues in the academic areas. The committee may also constitute sub-committees with non- voting members to address specific issues in academic technology affairs as appropriate.


Joe Coyle (chair) Science June 30, 2022
Ai Kamei Education June 30, 2023
Nguyen (Win) Pham Business June 30, 2022
John Comiskey Humanities & Social Sciences Area II June 30, 2022
Susan Bucks Library June 30, 2023
Erica Sciarra Nursing & Health Studies June 30, 2022
Ralph Cuseglio Social Work June 30, 2023
Patrick Love (vice-chair) Humanities & Social Sciences Area I June 30, 2022

Also Includes: Two Student Representatives (Graduate and Undergraduate). Non-voting members include VP for Information Services, VP for Telecom and Network Operations, VP for Information Technology Services, and Director of the Information Technology program (or designee of each VP).