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Graduate Studies Committee

The committee will recommend and implement policies and monitor approved standards and learning outcomes for all graduate academic  programs and courses, including; evaluate proposals to establish new or eliminate existing academic programs and recommend action to the Faculty on such proposals; review and rule on all requests for new courses, course changes, and modifications of existing programs; and recommend graduate faculty appointment, as described in “Graduate Faculty Criteria and Appointment”.

Membership: Provost; Deans of the Schools; Faculty Director of Graduate Studies; Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Student Services (non-voting); Faculty Director of Global Education (non-voting); University Librarian (non-voting); The program director or a designated representative from each graduate degree program. The Committee may appoint additional members to represent heavily enrolled graduate programs; Registrar’s office appointee(s) (non-voting); Other administrators may attend meetings by invitation, or when otherwise appropriate, but without vote.

Chair: John Patro
Vice Chair: Nica Davidov