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Enrollment Committee

The Enrollment Committee of the Faculty Council will be responsible for the formulation of policy and oversight of procedural implementation relating to the minimal standards for admission and satisfactory progress toward a degree awarded by Monmouth University. The Committee will review enrollment, retention, and financial-aid incentives and trends, proposing modification to policy and procedures in light of those trends.

Antonio Estudillo Education June 30, 2020
Andrea Hope Nursing & Health Studies June 30, 2019
Jeff Weisburg Science June 30, 2019
Lisa Vetere Humanities & Social Sciences June 30, 2019
** Michael Cronin Social Work June 30, 2019
Joe Mosca Business June 30, 2020

Also includes: Vice President for Enrollment Management, Dean of Admissions, Senior Administrator for Financial Aid.

** Elected to complete a vacated seat – term ends in 2019