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University Discipline Committee

The University Discipline Committee was established to help address violations of the University Code of Conduct and charges of academic dishonesty on campus. This Committee works to develop and recommend policies, procedures, and standards in matters of academic conduct; hear and judge all cases of students who appear before it on charges of academic dishonesty, and make recommendations to the Provost. Faculty members will predominantly serve as voting members on the Judicial Hearing Panel regarding violations of the Student Code of Conduct, on a rotating basis throughout the semester.

Membership: Senior administrator from Student Services or designee, one faculty member from each school elected by the faculty of their respective schools, and two members at large elected by the faculty on a three year rotating basis, and a student representative appointed by the Student Government Association.

Nicholas Sewitch Humanities and Social Sciences June 30, 2023
Anwar Uhuru Humanities and Social Sciences June 30, 2023
School Representatives
Alex Romagnoli Education June 30, 2022
Hillary DelPrete Humanities and Social Sciences June 30, 2022
Janwook Lee Business June 30, 2023
Ellen Pepe Science June 30, 2023
Paul Urbanski Social Work June 30, 2022
Janet Urbanowicz Nursing & Health Studies June 30, 2022

Also includes: Senior Administrator in the University Life Area, two students of at least junior standing appointed by the Senior Administrator in the University Life Area.

Please note: This committee has no faculty chair, as AVP of Student Life coordinates.

Agendas & Minutes