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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

This committee is designed to assist researchers and institutional administrators with their duty to protect the rights and welfare of non-human vertebrate animals in accordance with principles regarding animal care and use as stated in the Animal Welfare Act and the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and in accordance with the following authorities, the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Public Health Service (PHS). The IACUC will function according to the guidelines of the IACUC Policies and Procedures document. The IACUC is responsible for: reviewing the institution’s program for humane care and use of vertebrate animals and inspecting all of the institution’s animal facilities; developing and administering an Animal Use Protocol Application; reviewing and approving, requiring modification to or withholding approval of proposed activities related to the care and use of animals; preparing reports to be submitted to the Provost, Faculty Council, and officials of sponsoring Federal agencies upon request; inspecting all of the institution’s animal facilities; reviewing concerns involving the care and use of animals at the institution; suspending activities that it determines are not being conducted in accordance with applicable provisions; and making recommendations to the Provost regarding any aspect of the institution’s animal program, facilities or personnel training.

Membership: Three full time faculty members appointed by the Faculty Council knowledgeable and experienced in conducting laboratory studies using animals; one faculty member for two years, two faculty members for three years. Appointments will be staggered so that the three members’ term will not expire in the same year. Terms begin in September. The Governance Committee will solicit nominations for new members from the full-time faculty at least four months prior to the expiration of the serving members’ terms. A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (ex officio-voting member) who is certified or has training or expertise in laboratory animal science and medicine. A member of the University’s administration, chosen by the Provost, whose primary concerns are in a non-scientific area (three year term). A member of the community at large, chosen by the Provost, who is not affiliated with the University (two-year term).

Keith DuntonBiologyAugust 31, 2026
Lindsay Mehrkam – ChairPsychologyAugust 31, 2027
Michelle SchpakowCurriculum and InstructionAugust 31, 2025
Sean Sterrett, AlternateBiologyAugust 31, 2007
Michael WunschDirector of ComplianceAugust 31, 2026
Carlos OrtizChief of MU PoliceAugust 31, 2024
Only Monmouth University personnel shown above. Members from outside the University are also appointed as required by statute.