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Global Education Committee

The Standing Committee on Global Education works collaboratively with the Global Education Office (GEO) to advance the University’s global mission and achieve global academic goals within the Strategic Plan.  The Committee focuses on Education Abroad, including study, internship, and service-learning programming taking place outside of the United States.  The Committee provides guidelines and policies to support this programming, including and not limited to the integrity of the academic content, the method of delivery of this content, and academic support available at global partner institutions.

Mirta Barrea-Marlys Humanities and Social Sciences August 31, 2022 (on leave Fall 2021)
Alison Maginn Humanities and Social Sciences August 31, 2024
 Jeremy Lackman Nursing and Health Studies August 31, 2024
Joanne Jodry Humanities and Social Sciences August 31, 2023
Joelle Zabotka (chair) Social Work August 31, 2022
Vacant August 31, 2022
Golam Mathbor Social Work August 31, 2023