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Faculty and Staff


Hatchard, Christine J

Department Chair
Associate Professor
Director of Clinical Psychology Research Center

Full-time Faculty

Ciarocco, Natalie J

Associate Professor
Department Advising Coordinator
Member of the Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Demarest, Jack

Tenure/Promotion Committee Chair

Goodwin-Uhler, Jamie L

Specialist Professor
Field Placement Developer & Coordinator

Holmes, Robyn M

Professor of Psychology
Coordinator of the Childhood Studies Minor

Mehrkam, Lindsay R

Assistant Professor
Advisor: Psychology Club and Psi Chi
Principal Investigator of the Human-Animal Wellness Collaboratory (HAWC) and Aquatic Animal Learning Lab
Program Coordinator for the MU-Six Flags Affiliation
Scholarship Week Committee Member
Member of Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

Nye, Judith L

Faculty Director, First Year Seminar
Associate Vice Provost, Academic Foundations - General Education
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Stapley, Janice C

Associate Professor
Principal Investigator of the Applied Developmental Psychology Laboratory
Mentor for MU Student Chapter of Association for Human Resources

Van Volkom, Michele

Departmental Advising Coordinator (DAC)
SONA Alternative Assignment Coordinator

Part-time Faculty


Ming, Lynette G

Office Coordinator