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Urban Coast Institute

Supporting stewardship of healthy coastal ecosystems and sustainable communities through science and public policy

About the Urban Coast Institute

The Urban Coast Institute (UCI) was established in 2005 as one of Monmouth University’s “Centers of Distinction,” which work to promote awareness of specific issues and meet the needs of local and global communities. The UCI builds on Monmouth’s program in Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy and interdepartmental strengths in environmental science, business, economics and real estate, public policy, the arts and social sciences. It maintains a principal focus on the interactions between humans and the coastal and ocean environment, and sustainable coastal development along New Jersey’s coasts and watersheds. The UCI manages a number of signature programs and events, including:

Coastal Community Resilience Initiative

The UCI is dedicated to providing the scientific expertise to help communities withstand and respond more effectively to coastal storms and climate change impacts.

Coastal Policy & Ocean Planning

The UCI is committed to supporting the implementation of coastal and ocean management actions and policies based on the best available science, including through its work as a member of a team of research institutions developing the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal.

Water Quality & Ecosystem Health

The UCI partners with communities and government agencies at all levels to monitor and protect the health of coastal water bodies. Staff and students administer the Coastal Lakes Community Observing Network (CLONet), a citizen science partnership with municipalities and community groups dedicated to understanding the causes of environmental problems facing seaside lakes in Monmouth County.

A photo of Tony MacDonald

Tony MacDonald

Director Of The Urban Coast Institute

Urban Coast Institute

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