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Urban Coast Institute

Community Resilience and Climate Adaptation

sandy hook aerialAlthough the floodwaters have long since subsided and the debris cleared, the recovery from Superstorm Sandy is far from over for the Jersey Shore. Much work remains to harden our waterfront areas and revise emergency plans so our communities can withstand and respond more effectively to the next major storm. The UCI is dedicated to providing the scientific expertise for communities to meet these challenges.

To that end, the UCI and the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium jointly employ a community resilience and climate change adaptation specialist who assists coastal communities in assessing their vulnerability to climate change, learning how sea level rise may impact their waterfront areas, and seeking access to technical expertise, grant funding and more. In addition, UCI Associate Director Dr. Thomas Herrington is one of New Jersey’s leading experts on coastal processes, beach management and ocean engineering. He works closely with UCI staff, Monmouth faculty, students and other partners to help find solutions to the challenges facing coastal communities, sustainable coastal economies and health ocean ecosystems.

For more information about the UCI’s coastal resilience efforts, contact Dr. Thomas Herrington or (732) 263-5588.

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