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Soliciting / Canvassing

  1. All groups (students and off-campus) wishing to solicit/canvass on campus must register through the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations to approve or disapprove the request, in consultation with appropriate University personnel, when necessary. If it is disapproved, an appeal may be made in writing to the Vice President for Student Life. Final decisions will be based on appropriateness and availability of space in the Student Center or campus. 
  2. Solicitation is defined as the selling or distribution of a product, service, or information (e.g., leaflets, surveys, petitions) or as the collection of monies unrelated to college business. All bake sales and raffles by student groups must be authorized by the Office of Student Activities. 
  3. Permission to solicit does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of any product, service, or information by Monmouth University. 
  4. Any use of the Monmouth University name, either directly or indirectly, must be approved by the President of the University. Contact the Office of Student Life for assistance. 
  5. The seal of the University may never be used for solicitation or canvassing purposes.

    Reservation of a vending or informational table must be reserved by completing the on-line “Request for Student Club/Organization Activity” found on the Office of Student Activities portal page. Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance. The table will be reserved on the first floor of the Student Center and other limited places on campus. The space is limited and is subject to availability. 

Exceptions may be considered for solicitation in other areas on an individual basis. Normal times are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Exceptions may be granted by the student activities office in conjunction with the Vice President for Student Life. 

Soliciting and Commercial Enterprises

No general soliciting or canvassing is permitted in the residence halls. The presence of unauthorized persons soliciting any kind of product, service, or merchandise or attempting to collect money for such should be reported immediately to the Monmouth University Police, residence hall staff, and the Associate Vice President for Student Life. Also, any person who approaches a student with the intent to use that student in any intended solicitation should also be reported immediately. The latter often occurs over the telephone. The solicitation for sale and/or delivery of alcoholic beverages in, to, on, or around residence hall premises and buildings is prohibited. This includes such by both students and any retail or wholesale distributor, whether on residence hall premises or off campus (e.g., by telephone). State law and local ordinances prohibit the use of student residence hall rooms for commercial purposes. Students are to use their rooms for living purposes only. The use of a University or residence hall address, or the use of a residence hall room, for the purpose of conducting any commercial enterprise or the listing of such a business address is prohibited by both law and University policy. 

Student Center Posting Policy

The Monmouth University Student Center is considered the “living room” of the campus. It is used by and for the Monmouth University community to host social and educational activities, workshops, conferences, club and department meetings. It is also a place where people gather to eat, socialize, study, and relax. The Student Center maintains this balance by presenting an environment that is friendly and inviting, one that celebrates the University’s diversity of culture and ideas through positive expressions. Since the Student Center is one of the main “resource” locations on campus, it is important that any advertisements posted in the Student Center meet certain guidelines. The following regulations detail the Student Center’s policies for posting advertisements in the building.  These policies may change based on CDC, State and University Health and Safety Guidelines. All advertisements must be approved at the Office of Student Life, Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. and posted by the Office of Student Center Operations. Any items not stamped or hung by the Student Center staff will be removed. 

  1. Materials posted cannot exceed 18 inches x 24 inches. 
  2. The Student Center staff will post all advertisements. Advertisements  
    dropped off at the Student Engagement Office will be posted in the Student Center within 24 hours. Also, the Student Center staff will be responsible for removing all advertisements. 
  3. Advertisements can hang for up to two weeks or until the occurrence of the event, whichever is first. 
  4. There will be separate bulletin boards for different categories of advertisements including:
    • (4) Student club/organization or campus-sponsored events and meetings. 
    • (2) Housing issues (e.g., roommate wanted, room for rent, etc.). 
    • (1) Items for sale and help wanted. 
    • (1) Off-campus events. 
    • (1) Miscellaneous ads (e.g., LSAT, GMAT, educational trips, etc.). 
  5. Posting is not permitted on the exterior of the Student Center or on or around the glass exterior of the Student Center doors, unless pre-approved by the Office of Student center Operations. 
  6. There will be no posting of alcohol-related events, obscenities, slanderous material, or material containing racist or sexist statements. This would include, but not be limited to advertisements which show/promote nudity, violence, racism, sexism, etc. 
  7. There will be no posting of notices or fliers that support or endorse candidates for political office. 
  8. Use of any bulletin board or authorized advertising space in the Student Center does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of any product, service, or information by the Student Center or Monmouth University. 
  9. Table tents must be approved by the Office of Student Activities. Please contact the office in advance for guidelines for the table tents.